Thinking of Getting a Tattoo?

I’m going to put it out there. I have major tattoo regret. I have one tattoo I absolutely hate and a few that just look a bit shit. I really wish that when I first started getting into having tattoos that someone had given me some tips before I went and got inked for life!

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The Scoff Box Subscription Box*

I’ve never subscribed to a monthly box before,¬†mostly because I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews, especially around beauty boxes, where a lot of people seem increasingly unhappy with the products they’re getting. I don’t want to pay that amount of money every month for products I might not like and I can’t even give them to J, because he’s not going to wear them. As far as I know. He does rock eyeliner like a pro though ūüėȬ†

But then word came of a new kind of subscription box. And I was sent one to try out ūüėÄ

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5 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

I can’t believe how my little profile has built up over the last 8 months! I now have over 2,000 followers which is a little bit insane when I stop to think about it, so honestly I try not to. I really love finding new people to follow and talk to; but here are¬†5 reasons why I’m not going to being following you on Twitter.

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Re:So Pop Up Shop | Brighton*

I’ve just got home, I’m tired and hungry but I’m also really excited! Why? Because I’ve just spent time with the lovely Ellisha (SM Manager)¬†and Emma (Visual Merchandising¬†Manager)¬†from Re:So ‘the first fully student-operated retail initiative’. In essence, the store is not only run and marketed solely by the students at Solent University in Southampton, but they also make and design all the products that are¬†showcased in store!

So why am I writing this post and not chilling on the sofa stuffing my face with salmon and lemony, buttery, garlicy sauce? Because they’re only in Brighton until Sunday and honestly guys, you’ve gotta check them out!

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The Body Shop Turns 40*

I remember my mum taking me to The Body Shop when I was a child; I remember their dolphin bath pearls, the shimmery gold pearls and the strawberry soaps. A lot has changed since then.

If you weren’t aware, The Body Shop hits the big 40 this year and I received¬†an invite to help celebrate their 40th birthday at their flagship store right here in Brighton!

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