The Time I Attempted Watersports

I’m always up for an adventure and trying out something new; which is why a couple of Thursdays ago, on a beautifully sunny evening, I headed down to Hove Lagoon to spend an evening with the guys at Adventure Connections*. They’re a Brighton-based events management company that organise stag, hen and corporate events and they’d invited some local press and bloggers down for an evening of fun learning how to paddleboard and try out wakeboarding!

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Advertise With Me

I’m pretty damned excited to say that I’m now going to be offering a few advertising spaces on the sidebar of my blog, starting from the 1st of July! The spaces will run from the 1st of every month to the last day of every month and I’ll be offering different promotional extras depending on which package you want to choose.

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A Taste Of The Caribbean | Crawley

I think I’m probably happiest when I’m eating, and I love trying out new and different foods and finding lovely places to eat out. So, on the last bank holiday weekend, J and I drove over to Crawley to check out a Caribbean restaurant called Turtle Bay*, which has branches all across the UK.

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Five Of My Favourite Films

This post was really hard to write as I have so many favourites, and I’ve probably forgotten loads, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top five. I think. For now.

The following is going to be an eclectic rollercoaster because my favourites are spread across the genres, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the weirdness that’s about to follow 😀

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National Smile Month

If you couldn’t tell from the title and the photo above, it’s currently National Smile Month (which is running from 15 May – 15 June 2017). So to celebrate, I’ve been trying out a couple of products to help my smile look brighter and whiter and I wanted to share them, and the results, with you!

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Living With Rosacea

I’ve always known that I blush easily; even thinking about some really embarrassing situations that made me blush the first time round, have my face flushing and red and no, I’m not sharing what they are lol. I just thought it was one of those things to be honest. Until I went to the GP about it because not only was my face staying red pretty much all the time, but I’d also started developing acne exactly where the red patches on my face were.

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50 Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to feel inspired for blog posts and if I’m lacking inspiration, my first thought is always to look and see if my favourite bloggers have any blog post ideas to help me out when I’m feeling particularly stuck. I’ve also been writing down post ideas whenever inspiration strikes, so I thought I’d write a list of blog post ideas, in case any of you happen to be stuck for what to write at the moment.

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The Walrus | Brighton

Down on Ship Street in Brighton there used be a place called The Smugglers; a sports pub with a nightclub above, aptly named The Loft, and 10 Below, a slightly smaller club below the main pub.

It closed down in 2015 and has now been reborn as The Walrus. I was invited to their VIP lunch to check out the new venue and sample some of the menu. Naturally, I took J with me 🙂

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