My Summer Essentials

I realise that this is a pretty odd post to write considering my recent “I hate summer” post, but occasionally I do have to brave the outside world. Sometimes I even choose to; especially if there’s a BBQ involved. As long as I feel prepared, I’m pretty okay with being outdoors. So here are the essential items that I’ll always be carrying in my bag over the summer months.

A good pair of sunnies – I picked these tortoiseshell beauts up in H&M and I absolutely love them. I always keep them readily available in my bag, ya know, just in case of sunshine. I can’t remember exactly how much they were, as I got them a few months ago now, but I know they were definitely less than £10 🙂


A versatile wrap – Yeah, yeah, I know it’s black and will totally absorb the heat; the thing is though that it’s so soft and lightweight, it’s easy to roll up and pop in my bag. It’s perfect for those evenings when it starts to get a bit chilly and you’re still on the beach or in the beer garden. It also doubles up as a nice little blanket to use on the beach because the pebbles on Brighton beach can get pretty hot!!


Batiste Frizz Tamer* – I got this bad boy in my Blogosphere Magazine goody bag a couple of weeks ago and I already love it. The humidity plays absolute havoc with my hair; think Monica from Friends in the episode where they go to Barbados, so this is perfect to keep my hair in check! Because cornrows and shells are a massive no-no.


Suncream – This is probably the most essential item that I always have in my bag throughout the summer months. I have a habit of deciding to potter around in the garden (I swear I’m actually about 70 years old), and before I know it I’ve been out there 3 hours and my face, neck, chest and whatever else has been on display resembles a fire engine. It’s a Factor 50 child’s one from Asda and it smells like ice cream and sweeties. Win.


Eau Thermale Spring Water*– My body is rubbish at cooling itself down and I get ridiculously hot; on public transport, at work, at home, sitting in the shade doing absolutely nothing. I carry this handy travel-sized can around with me so I can spray it on my face to cool down. This is my summer saviour!


The gorgeous bag is from LYDC* and is plenty big enough to not only carry all my summer essentials but the everyday bits and bobs I need as well! I love the colours, I think the yellow and grey work really well together!

What are your summer essential items? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*PR samples but views and genuine love for the products are my own.

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    1. Ahaha, can’t wait to see you with the bag, it’s gorgeous isn’t it?
      Yeah the spray is just lovely in the hot weather … although looking out of the window, no idea where it is! Xx

  1. My favourite sunnies are from H&M as well! ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve had them for years but they’ve never let me down (even though I’ve sat on them – oops), the quality is great! I really like your LYDC bag as well, I won one recently in Sunshine Sarah’s giveaway and I was really impressed by the quality, I’ll write down your code for when I make a purchase from them!

    Abbey ✨

    1. I used to have a tendency to leave mine on the floor and stand on them. That’s what happened to my CK sunnies from New York 🙊
      Congratulations on the prize, LYDC are beautiful bags and so sturdy too xx

  2. I love being nosey in people’s handbags, I think I’m just nosey! I always carry sunglasses, a printed scarf and an umbrella no matter what the season in the UK. I have a clear out every so often but my bag soon fills up again 🙂
    Sharon xx

    1. I’ve started carrying an umbrella, just in case, but it got wet so I couldn’t put it in my bag and then I left it at home, ooops xx

  3. Ooh carrying a wrap around with you is a really neat idea! It does sometimes go off cold at night. The Frizz Tamer is a saviour – I’ve just discovered it and I love it!

    1. I always get cold later on but don’t always want to take a coat or a hoodie, it also makes a great impromptu blanket 😀 x

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