SFX Makeup

While watching some random YouTube videos a couple of weeks ago, it recommended a YouTuber called Cherry Wallis. If you’ve not heard of her, She has some amazing videos and I was absolutely enthralled watching her doing SFX makeup. It looked really fun, and I decided I wanted to try some of the looks for myself. Unfortunately I didn’t own any SFX stuff at all, so I bought a few things from Treasure House of Makeup.

I’ve also been admiring Hayley’s (TeaPartyBeauty) Instagram feed. Her Halloween SFX makeup is just fab!!

*disclaimer* If you don’t like seeing bruises and scars, this post probably isn’t for you ♥

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Upping My Eyebrow Game


I was a teenager for about three years of the 90s, when over-plucking was all the rage.  Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones whose eyebrows never grew back to their former glory 🙁

I usually just fill them using pencil, I don’t really know if I’m doing it right, so I thought I’d find some inspiration to help me.

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