My Week in Snaphots | June 2016

It’s been pretty amazing to be honest. I don’t usually do posts like these as nothing ever really happens much, but as I packed quite a bit in last week, I thought I’d share what I got up to!

Sunday 5th June: In the afternoon I had a two hour pole fitness session to celebrate a year of the class being held in Brighton. We got to eat loads of cake (not to be recommended before spinning and inverting). That’s a pic of me attempting my first Gemini. It definitely needs work, but at least I got a photo 😀 In the evening I went to a friend’s house to celebrate another birthday and had even more cake! Win!

Monday 6th June:  I had the day off to recover and I’m glad I did, all my muscles hurt and the bruises from pole were epic. I had a lovely bath with some of my Zoella Fizz Bar and then wandered into Brighton, took a load of photos and had my first Bagelman of the week. I ended up having 3. I kid you not. (It was a smoked salmon and cream cheese with lemon juice and black pepper, if anyone was interested…)

I even ventured into Lush for the first time in years. I still found the smell over-powering though, so I didn’t buy anything. Baby steps, Hol, baby steps.


Wednesday 8th June: I was invited to attend the Blogosphere Magazine Cover Reveal for issue 9. I travelled up to London (had bagel number 2 at the station – an ATM – Avocado, tomato and mozzarella with basil and black pepper in an onion bagel!) and got to meet the lovely Ella Grace Denton; the cover star. I also got to hang out with some amazing bloggers, one I’d met before at another event. The goody bag was absolutely insane so there’ll be a separate post coming about that.


Friday 10th June: Trip number two to London and bagel number 3 (another ATM. I think this is now my favourite bagel! I also wonder if the do loyalty cards as I’m pretty sure I’d be well on my way to a free one by now… *update* apparently they do do loyalty cards and I’ve been missing out BIG TIME *sob*)


I went up to London because Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt company (ack, I spell it yoghurt, they spell it yogurt, but whatevs) have finally got a store in the UK! A 3 minute walk from Angel tube station in London to be precise! The store looks incredible and the frozen yog*H*urt was just amazing! <3 (again a separate blog post will be up soon!) But have a sneaky peak. It’s a bit pornographic #notsorry


What did you get up to last week? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Great post hun, still amazes me how you can get in those positions on a pole! Brilliant. I love the new Zoella range, I’ve just bought the Body Mist. And the photos of food are making me hungry 🙂
    Sharon xx

    1. Thank you. I’d recommend finding a class and giving it a go! I wasn’t strong when I started but you build up slowly and all of a sudden, you’re upside down 😂 x

    1. It was absolutely amazing! I can’t wait till there are more stores round the UK 🙂
      Ah, thank you 🙂 Yep it takes a remarkable amount of strength 🙂 x

  2. Great Post Holly! 😎 I didn’t know you could pole dance! How amazing!! I can’t do anything like that! =P Haha! Bless you missing out on free bagels! Perhaps if you talk nicely to then they’ll let you have your free one?? Yes??? YES!
    Please do more of these Hol as I really enjoyed it!
    Have a great week!
    Sarah xoxo

    1. I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now, I’m hoping I’ve improved since the beginning 😂😂
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post Sarah, thank you for reading xxx

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