My Bucket List

I when I was visiting my parents last year, I found a bucket list in my old bedroom. Some things on it were mundane life stuff and some things were weird hopes, dreams and aspirations I wanted for my future.

Since I found it, I’ve managed to cross things off the list, add things to it and change it. But here are some of the things on that list 🙂

  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco – I’ve been obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge for years. But not in one of those creepy “I fell in love with a bridge” documentary ways. I’ve just always thought of it as a feat of beautiful engineering and in 2011, I was in San Francisco walking across it. And back.

  • Move out of home – It took me until I was 26, but I did it! It wasn’t all plain sailing but it was the best decision I’ve made!
  • Watch Jenson Button race in F1 at Silverstone or Monaco – As he’s not going to be driving next year, this one might never happen, unless he does come back to race for McLaren in 2018 (here’s hoping!)
  • Learn to drive – You can read all about my experience in my driving post.
  • Get married
  • Go to Paris – Just before I moved out of home, my mum and I decided to go on holiday together and ended up having a fantastic few days away in Paris 🙂


  • Buy a house
  • Go to Hogwarts – I mean, who wouldn’t want to go??  Although I’ve crossed this one of the list, obviously I didn’t technically go, but I did go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, which is the next best thing!!  I even wrote a post about it!!

  • Get my labret pierced – I wasn’t allowed to get mine pierced until I was 18, but once I was, I got it done. Needless to say it got hideously infected, but some antibiotics and 14 years later, it’s still there!
  • Watch Linkin Park in concert
  • Own a business – Back in 2005 when I was 20 years old, I owned a teeny tiny gothic clothing shop called Gothic Midnight. I chose all the stock myself and did all the accounting for it. I had it for 4 years until the recession forced me to close down.

Bucket list shop.jpg

  • Meet stars from Buffy – I’ve met several of the cast over the years including; Anthony Head (Giles), Rudolf Martin (Dracula), James Marsters (Spike) and Juliet Landau (Drusilla). Next on my list would be Alyson Hannigan (Willow) and Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria).
  • Drive a Lamborghini
  • Go to Rome
  • Meet Benedict Cumberbatch – Yup, life goal completed right there. J took me to a convention to meet him. For Valentine’s Day. That’s proper love right there. Oh and he’s absolutely lovely. Cumberbatch that is. Although J is pretty lovely too 😉

  • Go to Disneyworld, Florida
  • Go to a Metallica concert – Which I’ve spoken about in my Metallica ootd post.


  • Get my septum pierced – Which was featured in a previous post about “things to know before getting your septum pierced”
  • See Nickelback in concert – I’m about to do this one in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!! 😀 *edit* I’ve now seen them live (17/10/16) and they were bloody incredible!!

  • Get a tattoo – Yup, not only got the tattoos, I also have the regret! Ooops.
  • See the great pyramids at Giza
  • Go to Disneyland, Paris – When J and I started dating, he took me to DLP as a Valentine’s surprise! It was one of the best holidays ever!
  • See the Northern Lights

This is definitely not everything on my list, but it’s just a small insight into what I’d hoped to achieve or what I have achieved already 🙂

What would be on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Wow, so many great things on your bucket list! Well done on owning your own business in your 20s, you don’t know how things will go unless you give them a try. And that photo of you and Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing!

    Sharon x

  2. It’s amazing that you owned your own business at 20! That’s incredible. Sad you had to close it down though. This has inspired me to do my own bucket list and post about it, because it might make me actually do something about ticking them off the list.

  3. I love reading these lists! I hope you’ll get to achieve everything that’s on it 🙂

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. So lucky! I want to go there one day. I nearly went to the CA one too but went on a pilgrimage to Buffy’s house and high school instead lol x

  4. Wow, you’ve done so well with your bucket list. I actually don’t have a bucket list, because I think I’d put silly things on there that just wouldn’t happen (own a horse ranch, being one of them…I live in a city, have no experience owning horses, and I don’t think horse ranches are a big thing in the UK?).

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Ah, write one anyway, you never know if/when something might happen and you can cross something off it!
      I’m not sure tbh, there must be some somewhere?

  5. Oh I love reading bucket lists! So cool that you’ve owned your own business before!!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Thank you 🙂 Ah, yeah. There are loads of documentaries and magazine articles about stuff like that. I remember reading one about a woman who fell in love with a teacup on a teacup ride at the fair!! x

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