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In a previous bucket list post, I said that I was going to see Nickelback in concert. I’ve now seen Nickelback in concert, and hot damn, they were phenomenal.

I went up to Wembley with Tania and we were probably the two most annoying entertaining people on the train! We were so excited at one point we were miming All I Want For  Christmas Is You. We were also both sober. Go figure!

**all subsequent photos were taken by me. On a Nexus 5. In the dark. They’re not the best  quality. But Nickelback**

Holly and Tania.jpg

Unfortunately due to an accident on the train, we ended up getting into London a couple of hours late. Although we missed the support act, Monster Truck, we only had about 10 minutes to wait until Nickelback came on stage.

Chad Kroeger.jpg

They played a diverse range of songs across their albums; including the three “biggest hits,” How You Remind Me, Photograph and Rockstar. They also played a couple of songs I must admit I’d never heard before; Lullaby and Edge Of A Revolution. But since the gig, Nickelback has been playing on repeat. Continuously. J must hate it. He’s not a fan. Weirdo.


Nickelback Ryan.jpg

Nickelback gig.jpg

Nickelback Mike.jpg

The stage lighting and the videos playing on the big screens were beautiful. I think this is from If Today Was Your Last Day.


Nickelback Dan.jpg

Nickelback are absolutely spellbinding live. They’re unbelievably passionate and it totally shows. They put their all into every song and make you feel like you’re part of one big amazing family. There was plenty of “between songs” banter and they’re actually really funny guys 😀 Who knew? 😉

Nickelback Chad.jpg

I was made up that they finished on Burn It To The Ground. It was the perfect ending to the gig ♥ Afterwards, Tania’s boyfriend even got the setlist from the sound guys 🙂

Nickelback Setlist.jpg

No, wait. The best ending was on the way home when I got retweeted by them 😀

Nickelback Retweet.JPG

Who’s the best band/group/musician you’ve ever seen live? Who would you love to see? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. So awesome they tweeted at you! Looks like you girls had a great time. Now I’m going to put on Nickelback and pretend not to be jealous.
    xx | A

  2. My partner and brother were at that gig. They came home incredibly excited and slightly deaf with some mad videos of the pair of them. Sounds like it was a great night.

    1. I had to wear ear plugs as I suffer from tinnitus. I took them out for three songs so I could hear them properly! It was such a brilliant night!

  3. I’m so jeaaaalouuuuus!! Omg it sounds amazing Holly! But you and Tania would both be chuffed that I wasn’t there – I would have cried like a baby at How You Remind Me, Photograph and If Today Was Your Last Day. Wrgggghdhhsss I loved this post. I’m officially living vicariously through you now 🙊❤️✨😎

    1. Awww man, if I’d known I’d have said come along too!!
      I didn’t cry but it was pretty emotional ❤❤❤
      Next tour. Me and you, yes? Xx

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