Lush Christmas Blogger’s Party | Crawley*

Following on from my last confessions regarding both Topshop and my guilty pleasures; I have one more big one for you, and you’re not going to like it. Up until recently I wasn’t a massive Lush fan because their shops smell too over-powering to me.

But, after heading to the Lush store in Crawley in the hopes of having my mind changed forever, they’ve 100% succeeded and I’m now a certified … Lushite? Lusholian? Whatever it might be, I feel I can now send off for my official blogger’s badge because I ♥ Lush.

It was lovely to have a chance to look round and not feel too over-whelmed. I had time to pick everything up and smell it read about all the ingredients. And I got to meet some lovely bloggers, two of whom I’d met before; Katie and Tania!

Lush Bloggers.jpg

Mark, Jane and Elena from Lush were also on hand to answer all our questions, let us play with all the products and kindly left the tills open, ya know, just in case!

Their Christmas range is a new one on me, so I have no idea what’s new and what’s not, but here are some of the absolutely gorgeous things I found!

Butterbear and Father Christmas bath bombs:


Snowie, Candy Mountain and Ruby Red Slipper bath bombs:


Igloo soap:


Magic Wands:


Santasaurus and Peeping Santa:


Shooting Stars and Santa’s Postbox soaps:


Snow Fairy:


They have so many gift ideas in stunning, brightly-coloured packaging:

Lush gifts.jpg

Elena gave us a talk about the Lush Christmas bubble baths; Snow Fairy, Lord of Misrule, Rose Jam and Bubbly! They all smelt absolutely incredible and they left my hands feeling so soft 🙂

Lush Elena.jpg

Mark (the absolute Lush Wizard) showed us how to mix different bath bombs together to make one super Lush bath (Milky Bar and Peeping Santa together is amazing!):

Lush Mark.jpg

Laura then helped me make my very own butterbear to take home with me! It was a lot of fun, although it was mainly packing powder into a mould!

Lush Make A Bear.jpg

Before heading home, I picked myself up a a Peeping Santa, So White and Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.




I also got a goody bag ♥ A bottle of Bubbly shower gel, Butterbear, Igloo soap, Northern Lights bath bomb and Star Dust bath bomb!

I had such a great evening getting to look round and falling in love with Lush products. There are still some things that I find too over-powering, but maybe in time, I’ll grow to love them as well! I can’t wait to try out some more things 🙂

I’ve already used my So White bath bomb ♥

Lush Bath.jpg

What are you favourite Lush products? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was invited by the Lush to attend but all views are my own.

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  1. I’m a relatively new “lushite”, my favourite is the Twilight bath bomb as I love the scent, but have now tried some from their Halloween and Christmas ranges. I love Lush! I had the santa-saurus wand. 🙂

    1. I don’t think I’ve tried that one. I definitely prefer the lighter coloured bath bombs, the darker ones stain my bath!!

  2. That looks so fun I’d go crazy in there, I absolutely love the Northern Lights Bath Bomb and wish it would be out all year instead of a seasonal product 🙁 really love this post and the pictures are great to XoXo.

  3. I’ve tried a few things from Lush but never had that much from there because there is too much stuff to choose from. I do really want a multi-coloured bath though! One range I do like though is the ‘Dirty’ products. The soap they did was my favourite but they have discontinued that now unfortunately but the shower gel is pretty much the same.

  4. Haha, I felt exactly the same as you a year or so ago – always walked past Lush but never went in because it smelt so overpowering, just from walking past! My mum said the same. But Lush kept cropping up in the blogosphere and eventually, just after Christmas 2015, I went in and was a convert. I bought a few of the Christmas bits last year in the Jan sales, and this year I spent nearly £100 on Christmas stuff. Oops? My mum’s also slowly coming around, having recently bought herself some moisturiser from there. Glad to meet another Lush convert, and you’ve got some great bits in your goody bag, and the bits you picked up yourself! 🙂 x

    1. Ahaha, £100 on Lush stuff? Wow!! I don’t have room in my bathroom for that much stuff 🙁 I have Fresh Naturals stuff as well which is amazing!
      Glad there’s another convert out there 🙂 x

  5. My favourite has to be Snow Fairy especially at this time of year! The store can certainly be overpowering especially as ours is quite small and gets super busy but I’m a big fan. I’m glad you had such a good time and now see what all the fuss is about ha! – Amy x

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