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Smashburger is the latest in a long line of American fast food restaurants coming to the UK and setting up home. And, having just opened their latest branch in Brighton, the Yelpers were invited to check it out to see if it measures up to what’s already on offer.

First off the bat has to be the décor which is quite obviously American without it straying into being gimmicky. The size is rather deceptive; not only do they have a downstairs seating area, but there’s a rather roomy upstairs as well. They’ve even got two of those drinks machines which have over 100 different options!







After we had a look around, we went upstairs to try out some of the sides. The haystack onions are THE ONE ♥ Their fries were also damned tasty and they do fried veg which were amazing!




We had a quick talk from some of the Smashburger management and then they brought out the burgers 😀

1. The Classic – American cheese, “Smash sauce”, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. I really liked this one. The burger was really tasty and the bun was gorgeous!



2. The Stilton Stack – Chutney, rocket, haystack onions, applewood smoked bacon and stilton cheese. Nope. Despite liking the haystack onions, I didn’t like this one at all. I don’t know if it was the smoked bacon or the chutney, but this really didn’t float my boat at all 🙁



3. Truffle Mushroom Swiss – sautéed chestnut mushrooms with truffle mayonnaise with aged Swiss cheese. HELL YES! Now this is what I’m talking about! I think this had to be my favourite burger of them all. The combination of the truffle mayo an mushrooms was so delicious!



4. Spinach and Goats Cheese Chicken burger – Spinach, cucumber, goats cheese, tomato onion and balsamic dressing. I can’t believe how thick but tender the chicken was. It was definitely one of the best chicken burgers I’ve had.



5. Buffalo and Blue Cheese Chicken Burger – Tomato, lettuce, blue cheese, Frank’s Redhot buffalo sauce and mayonnaise. I love Frank’s sauce, it’s so, so good. In fact, I think we have about 5 bottles in our larder. This burger is damned good! The blue cheese went really well with it too! 😀

Smashburger Buffalo and Blue Cheese.jpg

6. The Avocado Ranch – Avocado, ranch dressing, garlic grilled portobello cap mushroom, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato. This is their vegetarian option, and actually, it was really good! I thought it might be a little odd but it all worked together really well 🙂



And if that’s not enough to float your boat, they also do salads. But a full-on proper American portion of salad! Where the bowl is bigger than your face. Probably.

Smashburger salad.jpg

Overall? I’d definitely recommend Smashburger, I feel they’re certainly better than Five Guys and a much more reasonable price.

Which would be your favourite? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was invited by the venue and Yelp to review but all views are my own.

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