My Bucket List

I when I was visiting my parents last year, I found a bucket list in my old bedroom. Some things on it were mundane life stuff and some things were weird hopes, dreams and aspirations I wanted for my future.

Since I found it, I’ve managed to cross things off the list, add things to it and change it. But here are some of the things on that list 🙂

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My Guilty Pleasures

In a world where we’re constantly striving towards perfection, sometimes it’s nice to shrug off the chains of society and indulge in what we’ve all come to think of as “guilty pleasures”. You know, the things you love doing but wouldn’t usually admit to unless you’ve had two glasses of prosecco!

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Thinking of Getting a Tattoo?

I’m going to put it out there. I have major tattoo regret. I have one tattoo I absolutely hate and a few that just look a bit shit. I really wish that when I first started getting into having tattoos that someone had given me some tips before I went and got inked for life!

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