Bakerdays Cake Review*

I love cake; Victoria sponge, chocolate cake, lemon drizzle, you name it, I’ll be up for eating it! So when Bakerdaysgot in touch and asked if I wanted to review their latest idea; the letterbox cake, I couldn’t really say no, could I?

The letterbox cake is, wait for it, designed to fit through your letterbox, guaranteeing that your cake will get to you without it going to the Post Office or being hidden in the garage or the bin! Perfect for sending birthday, thank you or even good luck cakes to friends and family all over the UK.

The cake arrives nicely wrapped up inside a little tin within a box; which means it’s pretty indestructible and extremely unlikely to be damaged by falling to the floor!

Bakerdays have plenty of different categories to choose from and you can even personalise your cakes with words or photos. They have a range of cakes to choose from including; chocolate chip, fruitcake and even gluten and dairy free versions. There are also loads of sizes to choose from and the letterbox cakes start from just £14.99.


My cake from Bakerdays was a vanilla sponge Beary cake complete with personalised names. It tasted absolutely delicious, the icing was so soft and light, and the cake was really moist and spongy 🙂 I even got a little packet of Love Hearts and a sweet little card with the cake:) (Sorry if you hate the word moist by the way. It’s a bit grim, isn’t it? Moist. M-OI-ST.)

If you’re looking for a really unique gift, I’d definitely recommend checking out Bakerdays and the amazing range of cakes they do!

Who would you send a cake to? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*PR sample but my complete love of cake is absolutely definitely all my own.

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  1. Hahahaha oh god! I do hate the word moist but the cake sounds too good! And letterbox?! I need in on this immediately haha!

    Ps. The cake is SO cute!!

  2. I think I’d want to send one to myself just so I could eat it! I was a bit skeptical at first when you said it gets pushed through the letterbox, as I thought it would be damaged, but you wouldn’t have thought it looking at yours! Looks like they’ve thought out the packaging perfectly. Love the cute bear design!

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