10 Little Things That Make Me Happy | Part One

Sometimes it’s just little things in life that make me smile or make me really happy 🙂

1. When my boyfriend asks if I want a takeout – I do a lot of the cooking in our house, but sometimes it can be hit and miss, so it’s awesome when neither of us have to cook! We usually get pizza, Indian or Thai <3

2. When Bear curls up on my lap – He never used to be a lap cat and it only really started when we moved in with J! He also likes wedging himself in between me and J when we’re sat on the sofa <3

3. When I nail a move in pole dancing – I’ve never been good at sports or dancing. I don’t have a huge amount of rhythm and I didn’t have much upper body strength; but since starting pole dancing in December, I’ve learnt some really fun moves and last night I managed to pole sit for the first time! I’m really proud of myself and I love that I’ve stuck to it, instead of being a quitter which is something I do a lot with hobbies!

4. When someone brings in cake to work – I love cake. Cake makes me ridiculously happy. People should always bring cake. Or food in general.

5. When my mum emails me to say her and Dad are coming to stay – I love having my parents in Brighton for a few days. We go out for meals in town and do really touristy things like playing Dolphin Derby on the Pier, going on the ghost train or getting an ice cream. Mum and I always have a catch up session without my dad so we can shop and giggle. It’s lovely.

6. Lie-ins – ’nuff said really. Who doesn’t love the mornings when the alarm doesn’t go off and you have nothing to get out of bed for.

7. Flowers – I love receiving flowers, something J is rather good at remembering. For our first date, he arrived with 13 red roses; it was so romantic and I’d never had red roses before <3. He also bought me a hand-blown glass rose from Disneyland Paris!

8. When J brings me coffee in bed – This happens a lot at the weekend. He makes me coffee, then I get up and one or both of us will make breakfast; whether it’s eggs Benedict, pancakes, bacon sandwiches or a full English!

9. Reading your lovely messages – I love it when you all comment on my blog, even if it’s just something really short! I also love the support from everyone on Twitter; especially #TheGirlGang members, it makes my day! If you’ve not heard of #TheGirlGang before, check it out on Twitter or at Dorkface.co.uk 😘

10. When those jeans fit – I’ve been slightly more health conscious over the last few weeks and it’s starting to show. I go to pole dancing lessons to strengthen my muscles and we now have a cross trainer which I’m using. I’m looking forward to getting into shape this year and wearing some of the clothes which got relegated to the spare room!!

Let me know in the comments what makes you happy! x

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  1. Yes to all those wonderful things. I have fit into a few old things lately & it’s such a wonderful feeling! I hope you have a lovely time when your mum & dad Coke over.
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  2. Interesting post. Your cat are just so cute, i just like the black & white ones the best! That’s lovely to being spoiled like that, i can’t even remember when was the last time i had cake!
    Leah Beauty

  3. Aww really enjoyed your blog! 🙂 it’s really great to list things that you love because they are great to look back on. Brighton looks so fab, I would love to visit Brighton 1 day but I think judging by what I’ve seen of it in videos and pics that I wouldn’t want to go home. It looks such a lovely place. LisaG XoX

          1. Not that easy hun, I wish it was. Got kids at school, friends etc and eldest at college just doing his exams too. Plus cash to move that distance too, we just don’t have the capabilities I’m afraid. Otherwise I think we would 😊 XoX

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