Smile Confidence With Dentek*

When I was younger, I hated the gap in the front of my teeth. And even though it’s apparently quite fashionable, I’d never really embraced it. So for years I smiled with a closed mouth.

I even had braces when I was about 14 to close it, which worked really well until I decided I didn’t need to keep wearing my retainer and starting sucking my thumb again. *sigh*

As I’ve got older, I’ve become slightly less bothered about the gap. Unless Invisilign wanna collaborate with me then I’d be all over that. But now I go to loads of blog events and get photographed loads, I like to make sure my teeth are in great condition and I don’t get those embarrassing bits of salad stuck somewhere that no one wants to point out.

So for the past couple of months, I’ve been trying out these amazing interdental brushes and floss picks from Dentek*. I’ve even got J using them too. He prefers the little brush though and I prefer using the whitening floss. Either way, both are tiny, portable and great for keeping teeth feeling clean throughout the day.

The floss picks have an advanced fluoride coating which actually helps to whiten in between the teeth. They taste really minty and are reusable. The brushes also have the fluoride coating and are great for getting in all those tight, awkward places in the mouth!

Since using these products, I’ve definitely noticed that my mouth feels cleaner and fresher during the day. I’ve also noticed that the bits in between my teeth are a little whiter now so they match my teeth 🙂

What are your top products for a dazzling smile? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*These were kindly sent to me to review but views and squeaky clean teeth are my own.

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  1. I used to be really self-conscious about my teeth as well, but after 2 years of braces they are looking so much better than they ever have! I’ve been using a Colgate whitening toothpaste which keeps them looking clean and shiny! I don’t floss at all which is very bad, so I need to try out these Dentek products!

    Abbey ✨

    1. I always recommend floss! I used to work for the Maxillofacial Department at the hospital (teeth/jaw) and flossing is key! I’d definitely recommend the floss picks, they’re awesome 🙂 x

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