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A couple of days ago, I met up with my friends Rachael and Abi for a very long overdue catch-up!!  The last time we hung out together was back in August!!

I’ve been really hankering for some good Thai food, so we decided we were going to go along to Street Thai (in Brighton Square, which is in The Lanes); I’ve been before and absolutely loved it!

Plus it has a food hygiene rating of 5 from Scores on the Doors which is always a bonus (we were going to eat somewhere else but they had a hygiene rating of 1 so I vetoed it!!) By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post or a collab, I just love that you can see how clean a restaurant is before you go!!

I got there just before 5:30 and grabbed us a table, it’s pretty quiet in the early evening so there were plenty of tables to choose from 😀  Street Thai is situated over two levels and there’s also a super cute outdoor terrace upstairs, but as it’s still only February, I opted for indoor seating!

The vibe was really relaxed with music playing quietly.  I prefer a quiet vibe as it’s easier to hear conversations; I hate having to shout over dinner!  The staff were incredibly friendly and although it wasn’t busy, they weren’t crowding round us or being overly attentive which was lovely 🙂  Plus there’s plenty of quirky decor to photograph!  I love this bike 🙂

Once Abi and Rachael arrived, we quickly ordered and our starters came out about 10 minutes after we ordered.

Abi and I both went for the duck spring rolls with plum sauce for starters. I was expecting two spring rolls, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got four! They were absolutely packed full of duck and the sauce tasted so rich and plummy, I was almost tempted to order another portion 🐖🐖

Rachael opted for the chicken satay with peanut sauce which she said was delicious, it certainly looked very appealing!

For main, I really wanted to try something new but ended up going for an old classic; pad Thai!  I’m a sucker for wok fried noodles ♥  The dish came with egg, bean sprouts, carrots, spring onion and plenty of peanuts with a choice of chicken or tofu.  I had the chicken version and Abi went for tofu.

Rachael had a green curry and let me try a little, it was gorgeous; I think I’ll be ordering that next time!  It had chicken, bamboo shoots, aubergine and pea aubergine (nope never heard of that either) and came with steamed Jasmine rice ♥️

The prices are really reasonable at Street Thai, you’re looking at between £5 and £7 for starters, £8 and £12.50 for a main course and about £5 for dessert.  My duck spring rolls, pad Thai and two diet Cokes came to less than £18, which is pretty fab for a meal out!!

Although we looked at pudding, we all felt pretty full so decided not to have anything, but I really want to try the green tea cheesecake with a coconut base and vanilla ice cream when I next go!!

Street Thai is such a hidden gem in the heart of Brighton but I love it.  I’ll definitely be visiting again and can highly recommend it for anyone looking for delicious Thai food in Brighton 😀

Have you been to Street Thai before?  Are you a fan of Thai food?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. This place looks lovely! I’ve ahatdlg eaten Thai food but I love it! Will have to visit here when I next go to Brighton!

    Liz xz

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