My Top Blogging Tips

Since I started blogging 6 months ago, I hope I’ve improved and my content is better thought out. Sometimes ideas spend weeks in the drafts folder until I can find the right words or take the right photos.

Since August, I’ve  spent time reading blog posts and various comments on Twitter about how to be a better blogger, or sometimes, what pisses bloggers off about other bloggers.

Here are the top, some more slightly tongue-in-cheek than others, things I’ve learnt:

1. Social Media: Don’t use Twitter just to spam the link to your latest blog post, it’s really annoying. Twitter can be a great promoter if you use it correctly. Why not join in some chats? I love joining #TheGirlGang (6pm on Mondays), I have great fun, meet new people and my stats go up really quickly at the end of the hour! I also get to find more incredible blogs to read.


If you have something you really want to share over and over, why not pin your tweet? That way everyone coming onto your profile can see it immediately 🙂

2. Photography:  You don’t have to have the best camera to take photos with, but for crying out loud, learn how to use it. I say that, but I’m kinda still learning how to use my camera, the good old Canon EOS 600D. I do know I’ve got better since the early days though, I mean look at the lighting and quality of photo I took of this book, what even is that??

This might just be my bugbear but if you’re going to take photos at least take the time clean the massive fingerprints or dirty marks off the shiny lid and while you’re at it, why not give that mirror a clean, it’s got eyeshadow all over it!

3. Rushing content: Don’t produce a half-assed post just because it’s your “new post” day and you need to get something up! Even if your readers don’t know, you will. I was definitely guilty of this, as when I first started, I blogged every day. I was taking dark, blurry photos at 11pm just so I could get something out the next morning.

4. Taking a break: If you want to take a break from blogging, it’s okay, no one will mind! I’ve read quite a few comments on Twitter recently that say posting “sorry my post is going up a day late” seems a bit pointless. Why? Because no one’s refreshing your blog wondering why you’ve not uploaded a new post at 8am on a Wednesday morning. (Bloody hell, looking at that photo, I kinda feel like my bedroom belongs on Pinterest <3)


5. Stats: Don’t obsess about your stats and why other bloggers have more! I had a bit of a moment recently when I told my friend I was thinking of quitting blogging because I had hardly any views one day. Her response was “but I read your blog and it’s made me experiment more with make-up.” Sometimes blogging is about inspiring even one person and if you can do that, it’s always worth it. (See I said I’d mention you!)


6. Marble and rose gold is your friend, but you might get judged: Although there are definitely the ‘I love it, it’s great’ and the ‘it’s been done to death’ camps, the reason bloggers use these items all the time is because they look so damned pretty! (I’m so glad we have white “marble” tiles in our bathroom, even though they’re a ‘mare to clean!)


What have you learnt from other bloggers since you started blogging yourself? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂 x

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  1. Love these tips! I’ve only been blogging for about 8 months now so fairly new, and I’ve been loving Twitter chats. Definetely agree not to rush and take breaks – always help clear my head 🙂

    Megan X

  2. Such good tips 👍
    On occasion I’ve rushed content just because I planned a post for a specific day and I ended up hating it! From now on I’ve just scrapped the planned post date, and post when it seems good to.
    And yes, with the photos!.. I’ll admit I’m not the greatest photographer but I love a good clean image to look at 🙂
    Kirsty x

  3. Some very good tips! I find it quite hard to make the time for chats all the time but I try very hard to chat at least once a week. I usually do the #lbloggers chats. 🙂 I think 3 or 4 tweets a day is okay as promo but as long as you’re chatting etc too!


    1. I always give it a wipe with a baby wipe and dry it with some tissue 😀 My camera definitely picks up all the dirty marks and I don’t have the time or patience to Photoshop that stuff out 😀

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