Blogging | One Year On

I can’t believe how fast a year has gone. I wrote my first, and pretty shit if I’m being completely honest, blog post on 6th August 2015. You can read it here if you really feel the need to 😛 When I started I didn’t really have any idea what I was going to write about, how my blog would evolve or that I’d keep writing posts so regularly.

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My Blogging Set-Up

I’m always really intrigued to see other bloggers set-ups, and when I say really intrigued, what I actually mean is that I’m a teeny tiny bit jealous of all the bloggers who have gorgeous offices with lovely big desks and inspirational quotes and artwork on the walls and beautiful shelves with copper terrariums and cute little plants everywhere. Okay, I might be very jealous, but maybe one day when we actually finish the house *HINT* I can have my own room or at least a bit of space in a room 😀

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My New Look Blog


I’ve been really quite quiet on social media this weekend, which is weird for me because I can’t leave Twitter and Instagram alone usually!! So why the radio silence? Because I’ve been working all hours to get my new look blog up and running. I’m so excited that I can finally unveil the complete new look!

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My Top Blogging Tips


Since I started blogging 6 months ago, I hope I’ve improved and my content is better thought out. Sometimes ideas spend weeks in the drafts folder until I can find the right words or take the right photos.

Since August, I’ve  spent time reading blog posts and various comments on Twitter about how to be a better blogger, or sometimes, what pisses bloggers off about other bloggers.

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Trying out the “new” camera


J doesn’t understand my blogging.  He’s looked at my blog, faked a yawn and said “very nice dear”.  So it was really sweet when he said I could borrow his camera for the purposes of taking better photos and attempting to vlog! It’s a Canon EOS 600D which means nothing to me, but apparently it’s “quite good!”

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Sharing My Thoughts

Hey everyone, I’m Closingwinter (a random name given to me when logging on to my Xbox for the first time and it’s now firmly stuck!)  I wanted to start a blog so I have somewhere to share my journeys and a place to meet like-minded people. I’m currently learning how to do make-up properly (for my own personal interest) so I’ll be sharing links of tutorials I found helpful and also attempting to recreate them and posting the results.  I’ll also be sharing what make-up I have and what I’m coveting.

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