Twitter Pet Peeves

Last year I wrote a pretty popular post about why I’m unlikely to follow you on Twitter. I honestly didn’t think it would turn into my most read post; but there we go! If you wanna have a nosey, you can read it here.

So this is kind of a continuation, except now that I’ve been avidly using Twitter for the last year and a half, here are some of my Twitter pet peeves.

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5 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

I can’t believe how my little profile has built up over the last 8 months! I now have over 2,000 followers which is a little bit insane when I stop to think about it, so honestly I try not to. I really love finding new people to follow and talk to; but here are 5 reasons why I’m not going to being following you on Twitter.

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My Top Blogging Tips

Since I started blogging 6 months ago, I hope I’ve improved and my content is better thought out. Sometimes ideas spend weeks in the drafts folder until I can find the right words or take the right photos.

Since August, I’ve  spent time reading blog posts and various comments on Twitter about how to be a better blogger, or sometimes, what pisses bloggers off about other bloggers.

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