Mr Bear’s Parcel*

Mr Bear is adorable. He can also be a bit of a dick sometimes. He likes to help me when I’m blogging by helping me arrange the products and making sure I have optimum lighting!!

He always likes to have a nosey at any parcels that get delivered and tries to get in the boxes; even if he really doesn’t fit!


Imagine his delight when a large parcel turned up just for him, because the lovely people from had sent him a box full of special treats for him to eat 🙂


As soon as I opened the box, he tried to take out the Symply Cat Food bag and run off with it! I think he could smell the salmon and was really excited.


While trying to take photos of his presents, I needed to keep him entertained and had to resort to bribing him with the Dreamies Cat Treats (I’m such a bad cat mum!) These little tiny biscuits are what excitement is made of and it happily kept him out of the way for all of about two seconds, then he ripped the bag open and they went everywhere!

One great tip about Dreamies, which works for Mr Bear; if you rub one all over your cat’s worming tablets, they’ll happily eat it (because they think it’s a treat) without you having to hide it in their food or try and force it in their mouths! It was so quick and painless and he got a couple of “real” ones after for being such a good boy 😀

As a Saturday treat, he tried the chicken and whitebait pouch from Almo Nature. He devoured it all and sat licking the plate for a good few minutes afterwards. He then spent the next 5 minutes meowing at Daddy to give him another pouch!! Almo Nature is a big hit in our house and he’ll definitely be getting some more for special days; like his birthday!

What’s your cat’s favourite food/treat? Is there something he/she goes crazy for? Let me know as I’d love to see if Mr Bear loves it too 🙂 x

*PR sample but views are my own and Mr Bear’s.

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  1. Your cat is so cute! 🐱💜 my cats love dreamies as well so I got them a tin of 5 packets for Christmas (just need to make sure they last past January!) 😄

    1. Thank you 🙂 We got some for Christmas for him, he loves them so much. And we bought some Almo Nature for him so that he’d eat his medication 🙂 xx

  2. Haha tuxedo cats are awesome! We took care of one for a bit. 🙂 Everything needed his stamp of approval with a sniff test. And if there is a plastic bag / packaging involved… watch out, lol.
    Lucky Bear – look at all those treats! <3

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