Lush Festive Blogger Night | Crawley*

Ever since I was invited to the Lush event last year, it’s safe to say my opinion about Lush has definitely changed! I used to find there was too much choice, but now I know what I like and don’t like, I’m happy to spend a good half hour browsing for new products!

I was thrilled to get an invite to this year’s Lush event in Crawley; not only to get to see the new products coming out, but also to spend some time with some of my blogging faves; Katie, Charlie, Tania and Rosie 🙂

This year, Lush are focusing heavily on their naked campaign. No, it’s not a staff or customer naked shopping experience, it’s the products themselves. They want to get away from using plastic packaging as much as possible, so they’ve reinvented some of their much-loved products so they don’t need to be put into bottles or tubs. How bloody clever is that?!

So, for example, the shower gels are also available in solid form without packaging, apart from being wrapped up in their usual paper. You can just wet it and it lathers up just like a regular shower gel. Once you’ve finished and you’re out of the shower, pat it with a bit of tissue to help it dry and it’s good to go again! Because they don’t contain any soap bases, they can also be used on your face and in your hair!! Plus, because it’s in solid form, you can take it on holiday with you without worrying about your liquid allowance! Perfect 😀

They also do naked body conditioners which are also to be used in the shower. Simply rub on to wet skin and rinse off, it’s really that simple. These are perfect if you’re like me and always scoop out way too much body lotion 😀 Plus as you’re doing it in the shower, you don’t have to dry yourself off and stand freezing cold while you’re trying to rub in lotion as quickly as possible!!

I absolutely love the look of the seasonal bath bombs like the Christmas Sweaters and the Lush luxury puds ♥

There were also some products that I’d never seen before like the Tree-D bath melts and the Twilight and Snow Fairy sparkle jars!! They’re made from cocoa butter and are designed to moisturise as well as offering a fab surprise!

We got to watch Laura making some Bûche de Noël face cleanser for us to take away, it smelt absolutely divine and looked edible (fyi, it’s not!). Made with mandarins, cranberries a drop of brandy, almonds and cocoa butter, it’s then topped with gold leaf and wrapped in seaweed! I’m excited to try this out as I’ve never tried Lush’s face products before 😀

Mark was also on hand for some more bubble magic; we got to see the Christmas Cracker, complete with popping candy, the ectoplasm bath bomb, Sherbet Dip and my all-time favourite; Monster’s Ball 😀

I had a really lovely time and got to see Millie again, who I met at the Jo Malone event, plus some of the bloggers that I’d met at the Bluebelle and Co event; Katie, Jess and Emma. I also met the loveliest blogger called Emma 🙂

Unfortunately I was super tired by the end so headed off without buying anything 🙁 Very kindly though, we were given a bag full of goodies and I can’t wait to try them out! I got a Man In The Moon Bubble Bar, Butterbear washcard, Ectoplasm bath bomb, a piece of Christmas Citrus soap, Berry Berry Christmas naked shower gel and Once Upon a Time naked body lotion!

What are your favourite Lush products, Christmas-related or otherwise? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was invited by Lush in Crawley to the event but all views, and excitement for Christmas products, are my own.

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  1. ah i didnt realise lush crawley had a blogger opening! its only 20 mins away from me, whenver i visit crawley i go in haha!

    those shower gels in solid form are mesmerising…yes please!! and such a good and ethical idea too!

    katie. xx ♥

  2. Man In The Moon bubble bar looks cute! Their new naked products are so clever – I didn’t even think about the fact you could get away with taking these in your luggage as they are solid! Clever!

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time, Lush have some gorgeous products at Christmas. I’ve just done a haul and my favourites have to be Snow Fairy shower creme and the Christmas jumper bath bomb, although difficult to narrow it down. I love the idea of the Naked shower gels and body lotions.

    Sharon xx

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