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Last year I wrote a pretty popular post about why I’m unlikely to follow you on Twitter. I honestly didn’t think it would turn into my most read post; but there we go! If you wanna have a nosey, you can read it here.

So this is kind of a continuation, except now that I’ve been avidly using Twitter for the last year and a half, here are some of my Twitter pet peeves.

The automated DMers – There are sooooo many tweets about how people hate auto DMs, (these are direct messages that get sent out automatically whenever someone new follows you, for any of you who were unsure) I’m surprised there’s anyone left who still has them set up! I think my favourite one I ever received was from a blogger who said thanks for following her on Twitter and I could I please follow her across ALL her social media accounts, and once I’d proved I’d done this using screenshots, she’d follow me back!! And yes, I’m being totally serious and I’m pretty sure she was too! And as it happened, I immediately unfollowed her on Twitter instead. (I really hope she doesn’t still do this!!)

The drama llamas – Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people standing up for what they believe in, but every time there’s blogger drama on Twitter, the same names always seem to keep cropping up. If I’m being honest, as much as I like a bit of blogger drama, I actually prefer my Twitter feed to be a sociable, happy place and while I don’t mind the odd ranty tweet every now and then, I just don’t need to see it all day every day. Especially when sometimes it seems like people are disagreeing with someone else purely for the sake of having an argument.

The people who can’t hashtag properly This is one of my biggest Twitter pet peeves. There are two quite popular hashtags for companies looking for bloggers to collab on projects with. These are #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired. Which is great until you’re looking through and it’s just full of bloggers using them to promote their own posts. This is not what the hashtags are for!! Why not use more appropriate hashtags instead like #bbloggers #lbloggers #fbloggers etc.

The list adders – Apparently I have one list and that’s for some of the lovely ladies who I went to the Girl Gang Event with back in August last year. That being said I don’t ever actually use it because I always forget that there’s a list option. Well I forget until someone adds me to one of their lists. Being added to lists started out as being really sweet, except now I get added by the same people to a different list. Every. Single. Day. And always with ridiculously similar list titles like “beauty blogger” “beauty bloggers” “bbloggers”. I don’t understand why? At one point some guy was adding me several times a day and it turned out we didn’t even follow each other! I ended up blocking him because it just became too irritating!

The begs – I’ve seen two types of Twitter begs. The first seem to tweet constantly about wanting a hotel room because they’re going to Spain in 3 days and haven’t got anywhere to stay yet, whiter teeth, a new car or a train ticket so they can see their favourite band play in London, all while using the #prrequest hashtag. OMG, just bloody pay for it like everyone else does (except the bloggers that the companies actually want to work with!) The second type of begs are well meaning, they’re raising money for something, which is applaudable; except they retweet every 20 minutes or so and your feed gets spammed with requests for money to buy Billy a new bed because he broke his trying to wrestle with the dog.

The naughty PR companies You know the ones. They tweet that they’re looking to work with bloggers on an exciting project, so you email them and you promptly get a response that they’re looking for do follow links with a budget of £25! No, no and no!! This is so uncool and I bloody wish they’d stop asking. Especially for such insulting fees!! If you’re relatively new to blogging and not sure why this one annoys me, check out my guide which explains what do follow and no-follow links are and why bloggers need to use them!

Are any of these your pet peeves as well? If not, what are your Twitter pet peeves? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I’m new to Twitter, and yes, I’m starting to find auto DMs annoying but the things that are really bugging me are the disjointed nature of Twitter – if you see a reply to a Tweet, particularly a retweeted reply, it’s difficult to get back to the original post, and if someone posts a series of Tweets (1/3, 2/3 etc) they quickly get out of sequence. The other thing is followers who look like spammers but somehow don’t get filtered out; I sincerely doubt that women with sexy photos or psychics on the other side of the Atlantic are interested in my writing.

    1. Oh yeah, it can get so confusing; especially if a few of the tweets are super interesting but you can’t find the rest!!

  2. Bad PR’s and Auto DM’s are so incredibly annoying!! I get them all the time, as well as those people who follow you just for a follow back, then unfollow you right away. Like, can you not? haha. I also hate it when people ONLY promote. How do I see your personality on Twitter (what twitter was made for) if you are only pushing out your posts? Oops got onto a lil rant, haha!

    1. I’m lucky that the DMs have seemed to have stopped for now! I do push my posts a lot, but I also try to engage a lot as well 🙂

  3. Love this. I totally agree that Auto DM’s and misuse of hashtags are my two biggest peeves. I had an autoDM this morning that was more than two scrolls longs. TLDR.

    1. Ain’t nobody got time for that!! I once received one and told a girl she was sending them, was she aware? Her response was “I’m sure my however many followers don’t mind the auto DMS”

  4. The people who follow you, then unfollow a few days later when you don’t follow back. I have one person who does this to me at least once a month… I only realise they had unfollowed me when I notice they come up in my recent followers again. It’s obvious they’re waiting for me to follow them back, but I’m not interested in what they are tweeting about and they never try and engage with me, so why would I!?!


  5. Totally hear you on these! Twitter begs have got to be my least favourite – Like I get the need to promote your instagram etc, but “please please follow me” is a bit cringe!!

  6. Oh my god, YES to all of these. Auto DM’s make me so irrationally angry! And I keep getting added to lists, I don’t understand why, and at this point I just look and go “that’s nice…” So annoying! x

  7. I agree with those, though I am a serial list adder and do actually use them quite regularly. However I suppose the difference is that all my lists are private, so no one knows if they’re on any of mine – mostly so no one gets sad since they are more or less ranked in how often I read them haha!

    Nicola //

  8. Ah ha ha all very true and I think I’ve had that same automated DM from that girl, seriously. I’m quite lucky that I seem to miss all the drama and only catch up on it afterwards, saves me getting annoyed by it 🙂

    Honestly Aine

      1. Yeah that’s often me! I love a good catch up on the latest, I just don’t want to be involved in it lol

  9. We’ve got the same pet peeves! I’ve started blocking the serial list adders as well, I had two bloggers constantly adding me to several lists a day and neither of them followed me, what’s the point?!

    I also hate the bloggers who just constantly tweet links to their posts but never actually talk to anyone. I’m all for promoting your writing but when that’s all that you do it gets a bit boring! xx

    1. Blocking is the way forward!!
      I’m often awful for doing this … I try to be sociable but sometimes I forget, then I look at my profile and feel awful that it’s all links 🙊🙊 xx

  10. I agree with these all! I never realised Twitter could annoy you so much. I really enjoyed this post. My massive pet-peeve is the auto DMs! Especially when someone follows you, you see they’re a blogger so you follow back. But then you receive the auto DM… I was trying to be nice! I also hate the adding to lists! I would love to know how they find you. I get added to different lists daily, all similar ones like you! If I’m in a different location, I also get added to those lists. It’s all very strange!

    Gemma |

    1. You’d think by now all bloggers would know not to set up auto DMs. That being said, I’m now super paranoid that I’m writing this post and I’ve somehow turned auto DMs on!!
      I dint mind the odd list now and then but not a few times a day!

      1. I don’t really see the attraction to it! Surely you are losing more followers, than gaining? Lists are cool, I don’t know how to access them, but I see how they can be helpful! But yes, not all the time.

        1. Exactly! I’ve only ever stayed following one person because she seemed so sweet and really new to Twitter so I told her about people not liking auto DMs.
          If you go on to your profile, it’s next to where you follower count is. You can create different lists and add people from there x

  11. Those auto DMs are such a pain in the derriere! It really puts me off following someone, and as soon as I get them I feel annoyed that I added the person. The hashtag thing bothers me too – same for Instagram. I don’t want to click on a hashtag about food for example and see people doing yoga in their bikini.

    1. Omg. I know! That’s why I had to stop looking at hashtags on Instagram! You decide to search kittens and suddenly you’re looking at girls in their underwear! Why?!?!

  12. I dislike automated DMs as well — they’re so impersonal! I wouldn’t mind if someone actually took time out of their day to message me, but getting an automated DM is kinda nyeh.

    I kind of dislike it when people constantly retweet giveaways tweets. One or two in a row are fine, perhaps even three or four, but sometimes people just seem to retweet every single giveaway on Twitter, and it’s very off-putting.

    Shae xo

  13. OMG… auto-sms drive me crazy, If you want to DM me, that’s lovely but do it personally… I’ve also had a couple asking me to follow all their other social media too but never as bad/comical as the one you received 🙂 I’ve heard a lot about PR companies wanting blogging to do a tonne of things for little to no money, I have never worked with any but If I ever had the chance I’d be sure to ask around for advice on what I should or shouldn’t be doing or PR companies. Great post. HAYLEY || Echo Luna Luxe

    1. I know right! That little personal touch makes all the difference!
      I’ve got a couple of posts you might find useful if you want to work with brands; one is “working with brands” and the other is “no-follow links explained” xx

  14. i loved this! I agree with every point said, but I think the list thing annoys me the most. I get people adding me to the same list, by the same person, 5 times a day… WHY!?

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