Bomb Cosmetics Hollybobs Blaster*

It’s not exactly a big secret that I’ve only recently got into bath bombs. Mostly because I used to find going into stores too over-powering and I felt that by ordering online, you lost the choice of being able to smell the products first.

But now I’m all about that bath life, I’ve started amassing a quite large collection. Oops.

That being said, and as much as I loved some of the Christmas bath bombs by a certain well-known company, I could not be arsed to wait for the 127,000 (yup, not even lying!) other people in front of me in the queue to buy things before I could get on and find there was nothing left.

Which is why I’m happy that before just Christmas, I was contacted by a bath bomb company called Bomb Cosmetics who asked if I’d like to sample one of  their Bath Blaster products. And H-O-L-Y crap, when I looked through the website I almost panicked because there was no way I could narrow it down because they all looked absolutely incredible.

Until I got to Hollybobs and I knew that was the one for me. One of my favourite teachers ever first gave me that nickname and Jembobs sometimes calls me that, so I had to have it! Plus it has a little holly leaf on it, which is really cute! (oh and sorry about the sadistic-looking duck by the way. He insisted on being in the pics. Weirdo)

Soapbombs Hollybobs.jpg

The bath bomb smelt just like Christmas, well to me it did anyway! Kinda like mixed spice, although I’m shit at identifying scents so I’m probably way off base. And typically the website didn’t list the scents used for this specific one. I’ll email them and let you know once I’ve heard back 😀 (*edit* Well I was kind of on the right lines with mixed spice as I’ve been told that this one is apple and cinnamon ♥)

Once I’d put it in the bath, it turned the water a lovely green colour which was so ridiculously difficult to photograph I had to give up before the bath went cold!

It made my skin feel so soft and silky that I couldn’t stop rubbing my legs! And once I got out, my skin felt so moisturised, I didn’t need to put any extra moisturiser on!

Bomb Cosmetics still have quite a few of their Christmas products on their website AND they’re having a sale but once they’re gone, they’re gone!! I’m quite tempted by these; the Holly Golightly Bath Blaster and the Oh Christmas Tree Bath Blaster. Especially as they’re only £1.99 at the moment!!

Not gunna lie, I’m also tempted by some of their Valentine’s products and their more quirky ones too!! Look at how pretty and colourful they are! I know a few people who might be getting these as presents this year!

Clockwise from top left: Love Junkie Bath Creamer (£1.99), the Mermaid’s Delight Bath Blaster (£2.50 and the Pav-Lover Whoopie Blaster (£2.99). Bloody bargain in my opinion!

Which one would you be most tempted to try? Have you ever tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before? Are you tempted to now? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*PR sample but views, love of baths and all things to do with my name are my own.

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  1. Love these! I’ll definitely be checking out their website soon and I’m hoping they do some Halloween themed ones. My favourite of the ones you’ve posted (besides the holly one) is the one that looks like a doughnut (Pav-Lover Whoopie Blaster?). I’m going to treat myself to that one next pay day.
    Kim |

  2. I love seeing all the different ones you can get I’ve bought them for my granddaughters but never for myself

  3. Soap bombs are so pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever used one before because my skin is so sensitive. Have you ever heard of Lush? It’s a store in the US that sells tons of all natural bath stuff and I have seen bath bombs there. I may need to buy some the next time I stop in!

  4. I never had a bath bomb that smells like Christmas. Now I am curious to try! I’d love to try Mermaid’s Delight, the design and color is calling out to me! Haha.

    – Gretch of GGMemochou

  5. They are all so stunningly gorgeous. I had an extremely hard time not buying all of these when looking on their site!! x

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