5 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

I can’t believe how my little profile has built up over the last 8 months! I now have over 2,000 followers which is a little bit insane when I stop to think about it, so honestly I try not to. I really love finding new people to follow and talk to; but here are 5 reasons why I’m not going to being following you on Twitter.

1. If you have no bio: How am I going to know at a glance if I’m interested in what you’re going to be tweeting about if I don’t know anything about you? You might be a massive football fan and only ever tweet the footie scores or the Biebs might be your BAE, and I’m just not into that. Nope, I’m not even sorry. I am sorry for saying BAE though. I think I actually just shuddered.

2. If your bio is just #hashtags: On the opposite end of the spectrum to the previous point, it’s great you’ve filled out your bio, but why is it just full of hashtags? I personally don’t like it, it makes it harder for me to read. Is that an age thing? Am I getting old? OMG, am I my mum?

3. If your tweets only seem to be promotions or retweets: I don’t get personal accounts where they only ever retweet. I want to hear what you’ve got to say, not what people I probably already follow are saying! Also, if you only ever use Twitter to promote your posts and never chat or comment or reply to anyone, I’m not going to want to follow you. I wanna feel like I can engage and have a bit of a chat with you and maybe make a new friend out of it 🙂 That also goes for the comper accounts. I’m definitely not going to follow you if all you ever do is retweet competitions and giveaways.

4. Follow4Follow: So I go to have a nosey at your profile and your bio says that you’ll always f4f. That’s great, but that means you actually have no interest in me and my tweets, you just want followers to make your account look really popular. I use Twitter to make lasting connections, plus I know you’re going to unfollow me as soon as I click the follow button, so no, you’re alright thanks. This leads me nicely into my last reason…

5. You follow me, unfollow me and follow again: Yeah, I can see you. And you. Serial follow/unfollowers annoy me; like, follow or me or don’t, ya know? Don’t unfollow and follow again because I didn’t follow you back the first time round, maybe there was a reason for that! I’m now staring at the word follow because I’ve typed it too much. Is it spelt right? Is it even a word? Argh, see what you’ve done!!

There’s also now a part two; if you want to check it out, it’s 5 reasons I won’t follow you on Instagram and you can find that here 🙂

What things make you decide not to hit the follow button? Let me know in the comments 🙂 x

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  1. Ah it’s so interesting to hear people’s different takes on Twitter! For me I don’t mind if people retweet but I don’t like it if people retweet their posts a million times a day, that just tends to clog up my feed and it can be a bit frustrating!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. 100% YUP. Like I commented on your most recent post, it’s so annoying for all of these!! Oh well, I just say you do you, and I’ll do me, just don’t bother the crap outta everybody haha! x

  3. The “I follow you just so you follow me then I’ll unfollow you” squad is the worst! Like no, if I don’t like your account I’m not going to follow you, and if you follow me, do it because you are interested in what I say and not just for me to follow you back. Ugh they annoy me so much… -K

  4. Seeing only hashtags drives me nuts! Also, only promo tweets drives me up the wall. I want you to like tweet, not just self-promote!

    S .x

  5. I need to write one of these. The main reason I won’t follow someone on twitter is if they tweet about diets/weight loss and endorse diet culture.

  6. Amen to all of these! And no, you’re not old. Hashtags in the middle of sentences make things hard to read. (PS your mom is cool if she knows what a hashtag is!)

  7. Definitely all of these! Seeing an account with sooooo many retweets or just promoting their posts turns me off. I’m in twitter to connect. If not, I’ll probably just follow their BL account if I like their blog.

    1. Ah, I never thought of just following their blog instead. I just usually ignore all the social media accounts based in my Twitter experience…

  8. This has definitely made me think about how important your twitter bio is when people want a quick snapshot of what your account is about. I’m off to re-write mine right now!

    Lisa | farawaylisamae.com x

    1. It’s definitely the first thing people tend to read so it’s got to promote you as a person in as short a space as possible 😊😊
      I’ll have to check yours out 😉 x

  9. This is a fantastic post, 1000% why I won’t follow someone! why would you not have a bio? it’s there so people know about you/what you’ll be tweeting about!
    Jess from Beautiful Breakable

  10. Holly this is a fantastic post – I swear we are of exactly the same mind set on this topic huni. Twitter following trends has really peeved me off in the past, so I’m super duper cautious about who I follow now. Really can’t be bothered if any of the above points you mentioned apply – and number 5 just sends me insane!!!!! Grrrrrr! XXXXXXX

  11. The serial followers and unfollowers drive me up the wall. I had a Twitter dedicated to my favorite American football team follow and unfollow me 20 times before I eventually bitchily tweeted them and blocked them. I have noticed a few people are blocking anyone who doesn’t follow them back and I’m assuming that’s so they don’t accidentally follow them again. I think I prefer that approach!


  12. All of this, except for maybe retweeting, gets a huge AMEN from me :).

    The other thing that I struggle with when deciding whether or not to follow someone back is how many people that person is already following. If someone is following well other a thousand other people, how much of a social relationship will we be able to have on social media?

    1. Don’t get me wrong, retweeting is a great thing, but if it’s your personal account and all you do is retweet, maybe you should be a retweet profile instead? That’s just me though.
      True, but I wonder if they follow a lot less than they have followers, they’re either famous or unfollow people once they’ve been followed. I’m so sceptical! Thank you for reading 🙂 x

  13. I won’t follow if it’s irrelevant to me, if I’m not going to enjoy be able to interact with your tweets then there’s no point in following, or if they RT too much, Also if it’s not in English, if I can’t read your tweets then whats the point, but I might still follow on instagram if I like your pictures. But I am awful at posting about whats going on, but I love commenting on someone else’s status.

    1. I’m completely the same, if you’re not posting in English, I won’t understand, but I can understand your photos on IG 🙂

  14. Can you enlighten me about serial follow / unfollowers? So weird that people play games with social media. I don’t follow people on Twitter if they don’t seem to be a real account – same with IG. On IG I don’t follow if they set their profile to private.
    follow folow foloow folloow foollooow follow, looks right. 😉

    1. I’m assuming they unfollow because you haven’t followed back, so they follow you again in the hopes this time you see the notification that they’ve followed and you’ll follow them right back?
      Yeah, I never follow anyone on IG with a private account unless it’s a r/l friend x

        1. I think there are apps, but other than that, you can’t tell unless they follow you again and you remember the name! 🙂 x

  15. I agree with all of these, especially 5! I was thinking how annoying it was yesterday, like you said it’s so obvious when someone follows you then unfollows when you don’t follow back! Also, the word ‘bae’ ugh!

    Jamie -x-

  16. I agree with all of these! Why would you not have even a little bio? Also, the retweet only people, what do they gain from that?
    Haha, I hate when I write a word too many times and then I have to make sure I can spell! x

    1. Me too – it’s so annoying, and sadly a trait of so many out there (rather shamefully a lot of bloggers do it). I also had a blogger who I really liked whose boyfriend followed, unfollowed, followed, unfollowed all her followers – and it made me dislike her too which was a bit sad because it wasn’t her fault, but by association my opinion of her lessened. Boo.

        1. I just don’t understand. Do they do it because they think you haven’t seen they’ve followed you, so they want to pop up in your “someone followed you” notification again and you’ll be all “oooh, they look great, I’ll follow them”.

  17. Great post and great points. The point of me following people whether it be their blog, Facebook , Twitter , instagram etc is to engage. I don’t really look at the numbers. Quality not quantity! Xx

  18. Definitely all of these! I especially hate those who follow then unfollow, only to follow again. I had that recently. It drives me mad. You’ve got me worrying about my Twitter profile now, though. I don’t have the time I’d like to tweet personal stuff every day, although I try to at least once or twice. So a lot of my account is promo stuff. *hides* x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I’ve had it twice with two people now, follow, unfollow, follow. Just stop 😝
      I don’t always get time to post personal stuff either, I’m sure yours is fine 😁 x

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