Five Christmas Party Products

We’re one day away from December.┬á This is not a drill.┬á Party season is pretty much here; those awkward office parties where someone snogs Tim from accounts, the New Year’s Eve parties that are exactly the same every year but you go anyway in the hopes that this year will be different and you won’t end up in the kebab shop where all the staff know your name and you only seem to be wearing one shoe.

Wherever you’re going this festive season, my five must-have party products will get you looking and feeling your best.┬á Even if it does rain and Sandra from HR throws up in the new expensive bag you got for Christmas.

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Sleek Eau La La Liner Review

Because I’m still pretty new to experimenting with makeup, I somehow seem to own pretty much every eyeliner type there is; I have gel, pencil, liquid and pen eyeliners. If you can name it, I’ve got it and tried it because I’m still searching for that one eyeliner I can use easily without getting frustrated because it’s coming out wrong.

Some I’ve loved and some I’ve really hated. Maybe one day I’ll do a post on the ones I really didn’t like and why.

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Mini Shopping Spree


I don’t know about you, but I’m so crap at receiving gift cards and not┬áremembering to put┬áthem in my purse or then remembering to use them! My parents got me a book voucher for my birthday. In August. I also got a Boots gift card from my work colleagues when I left in December!

I was in town getting my hair cut on Saturday and finally remembered to take my gift cards with me, so I went on a mission to buy some things I’ve been wanting for ages!

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September Favourites

I can’t believe September is nearly over ­čÖü I do love autumn/winter, especially as it’s when J and I got together ­čÖé but I’m not a fan of dark mornings and freezing my arse off at bus stops in the pouring rain (J takes our car to work) ­čÖü Anyway, here’s what I’ve been loving this month <3

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Born Pretty Store Eyeliner Review


I was recently approached by Born Pretty Store* to see if I wanted to┬áreview some of their products. I was a little apprehensive, only because my blog is still┬áso new and I thought there’d been a mistake! It turned out that they really did want me to try out their┬áproducts and so promptly sent me my first item.┬áI was happy to find that despite coming from Singapore, delivery only took around 10 days. I thought it would take a lot longer!

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