Today’s Attempt | A Smoky Eye Look

So as promised, I’ve just finished my first attempt at recreating a make-up tutorial I found on Pinterest. I wanted to do this because there are so many tutorials out there and a lot of the vidoes/blog/photos assume that we know all the terms and have all the right brushes and kit etc. I find that I use a lot of baby wipes/make-up remover when I’m trying a new look as it always goes a bit awry, but no one really shows that part or the hours of practice it takes. So if you’re not very confident at putting on make-up or it never really looks like it should, don’t worry, you are not alone 🙂 


This is the make-up look I wanted to try and recreate. The photos aren’t in the right order, but you can get a general sense of how they created this look. It looks fairly simple so guaranteed it’s going to be anything but!

For this look, I’m using:


  1. Rimmel Glam’eyes liquid eyeliner in Black Glamour for the upper lash line.
  2. Sleek Storm palette, the Blackout shade for the outer corners.
  3. 17 Smoky Quartz Trio, the grey shade for the middle of the eyelids.
  4. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara.
  5. Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil eyeliner in Jet Black for the lower lash line.

Here goes….

Stage one: or how many baby wipes will I get through trying to draw this sodding line?


Turns out I’m not very good at drawing lines at all :/  The first one was in completely the wrong place and the second I was a bit overzealous with the line!  I decided to stick with attempt three as otherwise I’d never get on and do the rest of the look.

Stage two: Adding the black eyeshadow



So I added the black with a smudge brush, then when I opened my eyes, I realised I had no flick at all at the ends, so I had to add it in afterwards!  It looks much better with open eyes, when my eyes are closed, you can see big gaps!  It also doesn’t help that I have quite wrinkly eyelids and deep set eyes (thanks family genetics! Also please excuse my eyebrows, it was the fashion in the 90s to over-pluck and mine never grew back!).

Stage three: Adding the silver/grey eyeshadow


The look is starting to take shape, it doesn’t look too bad, despite it not really looking much like the actual look at all 🙁

Stage four: Adding the eyeliner and mascara


I added a bit of Kohl along my crease as well, just to give the black a bit more definition.  It definitely looks nothing like the original photo, I feel I needed to put more eyeliner on the top and bottom to build it up more, but other than that, I quite like it.  I’d probably attempt this again as a going out look.  I definitely need to practice my flicks and liquid eyeliner technique.

If any of you want to try and copy this look, leave your links in the comments section so I can see how you achieved the look:) I’d love to see all your pics and maybe even get your tips on what I can do to improve 🙂 x

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