Today’s Attempt | The Gold Eyeshadow Look

So today I have to wait in for the nice Anglian man to fix the window lock, so while I’m waiting, (any time between 8am and 5pm) I’m going to attempt to follow a tutorial for a gold eye look!

I have five different palettes which contain gold shades, so I’m sure I’ll be able to match something!  I found this tutorial online on Become Gorgeous and thought it looked really pretty:

This is what I used to try and recreate the look (all from Boots):


  1. Sleek Storm Palette. I used Sand Storm (1) and Eye of the Storm. (2)
  2. Rimmel Kohl eyeliner pencil (Jet Black).
  3. Rimmel eyebrow pencil (Hazel).
  4. Maybelline Big Eyes mascara.
  5. Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush set which are “Shade & Define” and “Blend & Smudge”.


  • Step 1: Add gold to your lids – Seems easy enough so far!
  • Step 2: Add brown to your crease, along the brow bone and down to the lashline – I’m not sure I really got it high enough but I think perhaps I just needed to bit a bit more confident with what I was doing!


  • Step 3: Blend the brown in – This is the moment to add more brown along the brow bone, which I did as it didn’t look defined enough once I’d opened my eyes.
  • Step 4: Add some brown to your lower lid – I’ve never done that before and managed to flick loads of bits of eyeshadow in my eye, smooth!!
  • Step 5: Add eyeliner to the top lid and smudge it in, then add eyeliner to the lower lash line – Finally, a step I can do with ease!!
  • Step 6: Add Mascara – Try not to get it on your newly done eyeshadow!!
  • Step 7: Fill your eyebrows in this wasn’t in the tutorial, but I have weak eyebrow game, so I need a little help!

I definitely don’t think I got the brown eyeshadow high enough, but as my eyes are deep set, (well I’ve been told that before, but I don’t know if they are?!) I think eyeshadow any higher up may have ended up looking silly!!  I really like this look, it was easy to follow the instructions and this is definitely a gorgeous date/evening look.

  • Instructions: 5/5.
  • Time: It took me about 10 minutes of faffing because I wanted to get the brown right, everything else was really quick.
  • Look:  It’s really pretty and definitely brings out the brown in my eyes.
  • Would I wear it again?: Definitely.
  • Verdict: 4.5/5

Would you wear this gold eyeshadow look? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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