A Chatty Catch-Up | February 2019

For the shortest month of the year, it dragged almost as much as January did; although at least we had the added benefit of some glorious sunshine towards the end!!Here’s a round-up of what I got up to in February πŸ™‚


I went out for food a couple of times this month; first I went toΒ Leon for lunch! I had their chargrilled chicken burger with a berry acai smoothie and it was absolutely delicious!!

I also went to The Chilli Pickle in Brighton for dinner one night with J and a few of his friends. We had a really lovely evening out; J and I ended up sharing a set menu, we had prawns to start and a butter chicken for the main! It was delicious, although the service was a little slow and the food was pretty expensive.


This month saw the second tattoo of the year!! I went back to Lou (who did my potion bottle tattoo) to get one of the tattoos on my back reworked!! It still looks pretty flaky and gross, but I can’t wait to share pics when it’s healed ❀️❀️

I bought myself a little silver and black stone ring from one of the stalls outside Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton; I’ve wanted one for ages so I’m glad I finally picked one up πŸ™‚

I also popped into Primark to get some new leggings as my current ones are getting a little baggy now πŸ™ So I picked up another pair of Alice Liveing ones but in the, what I call, tropical/abstract print this time! By the way, the sports top really makes my boobs look like that, I’ve not done a weird photoshop on them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I then picked up some new socks (also from Primark); these are the Wall’s socks and have a Twister, a Calippo and a Feast on them. They’re so ugly, I love them!!


I seem to have found my writing motivation again so I’ve written a few posts, although my enthusiasm for photo taking isn’t quite back yet, hence why there weren’t many posts published in February!! I’ve got some exciting bits planned though (and there are some gifted posts I need to publish) so I can’t wait to take pics and get these posts up πŸ™‚

Home and garden:

I finally got round to getting rid of the rubbish that had blown into our flowerbed, weeding some of it and pruning back some of the plants and it looks a lot better now!

The best of the rest:

J bought me a bottle of Charlie Red and it’s giving me all the nostalgic feels! I’m not sure if I had this when I was younger but I know a lot of my friends did!!

Finally, don’t forget to check out my lovely advertiser:

Kathleen is a premium skin care brand with a passion for all things natural and organic. They have an incredible range of products and I’ve reviewed the Illuminating Serum, the Sonic Facial Cleanser and their brand new shower gels and body oils on my blog πŸ™‚

How was February for you? Did you do anything exciting? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. That dish from The Chilli Pickle looks delicious Holly! I really need to get my butt to Brighton one day. I know what you mean about photos, I hate taking them especially trying to do flatlays, ugh it’s a necessary evil lol.

    1. It was so good!! You definitely have to visit one day!! Yeah, photos are the most stressful part of blogging for me!! x

  2. Wowzers! The gym is looking good on you! The mention of Charlie red stirred up some memories! I loved Charlie sunshine, I think it was a limited edition back in the summer of β€˜99 or something. Crikey, that was a while ago :-/

  3. You look incredible in that pic!! Looks like you had a great month. I now have Chili Pickle cravings!

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