My Makeup Storage

I honestly wish I could say I have the beautiful white desk with the amazing drawers and pretty makeup organisers for all my makeup, but I don’t. Instead I have the most random mixture of storage solutions; do I have to give my beauty blogger badge back now? 

I thought I’d take you through what I *do* have though just so you can see that not everyone has the most Ikea-ist setups!

My everyday work (and some weekend) makeup:

You might have seen in my favourites post from Feb or on my Instagram account, that J bought me this gorgeous beauty organiser for Christmas which sits in on our bathroom windowsill. This holds my everyday work makeup (brow pencils and gel eyeliner, yup, that’s pretty much all I wear most days. Seriously… Although sometimes I’ll wear foundation, blush and highlight if I’m going out somewhere after work).

I’ve also put a bit of my everyday weekend makeup in it too including; foundations, a blusher from Bourjois, my NYX setting powder and a couple of mascaras.

The rest of my weekend makeup:

I use this gorgeous gold Biba cosmetic bag that I got at the Girl Gang Event last year to hold the rest of my everyday weekend makeup. In here I keep various mascaras, a Smashbox primer, the Maybelline contour stick (which I’ve barely used) and my CC cream from Avon (for when I want something lightweight on my skin). This generally sits on top of my hamper full of palettes which I keep in the bedroom 🙂

All the lip products:

I recently bought this gorgeous cosmetic bag from Zoella Beauty to hold my lipsticks in because my old one was becoming way too small. I also realised that the colour had starting fading on the outside and there was a bit of mould on the bottom too, lovely!! This is such a cute bag, I love the polka dots and that it’s big enough to hold all my lip products in it (for now, till I buy loads more, because I don’t have enough. No, YOU have a problem!). I bought it from Feelunique for £9 but I did did 10% off at the till! Bargain! This also sits on top of my hamper.

The palettes:

They used to be piled up high on top of the wooden storage box below, but it looked so cluttered and it was a pain in the arse to keep dusting them all. So when I was tidying recently and found this cute little hamper that I got from Jemma at Christmas, I knew it would be perfect to house all my palettes in! There’s a mix of eyeshadow, colour-correcting, highlighter and blush palettes in there.

The random bits:

For all the random bits that I don’t wear that often but either know I will wear or don’t want to throw out just yet, I have this little wooden storage box that I got from Amazon! I have face products in the top left drawer, like; my lightening and darkening drops from The Body Shop, makeup brushes and contour kits. The top right drawer is for all my various eye products (that will fit), like eyeliners, single eyeshadows and eyeshadow primers. Most of my nail varnishes are stored in the bottom left drawer. And my hair bands and accessories are all in the bottom right.

What do you use to store your makeup in? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*This post was massively inspired by Caitlin’s blog post ideas post! Thanks Caitlin!! (Also, how many times can I say post in one sentence??)

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  1. This was much more interesting than the standard ‘here are my ALEX drawers’, and I say that as someone who has exactly those! Do you find that having your stash dotted around makes it easier to remember things or forget them?

    1. Thank you lol. For the most part, they’re all in the bedroom in the same place, so generally I don’t forget lol xx

  2. Your makeup is organised really nicely, I find organising makeup so thereputic!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  3. I really love that storage organiser for your daily makeup! So handy looking. I used to keep all of my makeup in the ugliest black plastic storage drawers, but I’ve recently been lucky enough to get a lovely vintage dressing table that I can store everything in! I feel like it needs reorganised though

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Thank you, it’s so handy for the bathroom 🙂 Oooh that sounds lovely! I’d love a proper makeup desk one day!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this, I love the organiser in the bathroom. I’ve just organised all my makeup in Alex drawers, but my everyday makeup is usually in the bathroom and is just everywhere. I definitely need to find one similar.

    Kristy |

    1. It’s so much better than putting everything on the windowsill individually, especially as Bear knocks things over with his clumsy paws!! The Alex drawers look incredible, I’m hoping I might get some one day!!

  5. Ohhhhh you’ve made me really want to organise all my make-up… It’s pretty much just scattered all around the place (which my boyfriend absolutely loves…) I love the organiser J got you, and that hamper is so cute!
    Hels x

    1. Ahaha, I’m sure he does love it. A lot! I used to be the same though, but now I know where everything is! Also made me realised I have an embarrassing number of palettes lol x

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