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I love a good bit of mail. Especially when it’s cute mail as opposed to the usual bills and junk mail. Although I do love those Papa Johns flyers that come through the door! Because Papa Johns is the one!

Anyway, Sophie from I Just Love It got in touch a while ago to let me know about their Christmas campaign #IJLIGiftofGiving and that they wanted to work with bloggers to do a gift swap. Not only that but my gorgeous, lovely BBFF Jemma was going to be swapping with me.All we had to do was pick out presents for each other. I chat to Jemma pretty much every day, and we’ve had some pretty epic WhatsApp convos, so I tried to remember things she’d mentioned and I hoped I was picking out  things she’d absolutely love. If you want to check out what I got her,  Jem’s blog post is up already!

This. Is. So. Fricking. Cool! JEMMA GOT ME A SHARK!!!! Well actually, she got me an adoption pack which I register online to adopt a blacktip shark for a year. I even get a certificate and a little photo of my shark. Oh and a free ticket to any SEA LIFE centre. And there’s one just down the road from me 🙂

I Just Love It Shark.jpg

N’aaaaaaaaw. Jembobs totally went all cute and got me this gorgeous best friend mug! You can personalise it so you could get one for your best friend too ♥

I Just Love It mug.jpg

OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m a real blogger now!! I’ve wanted one of these for forever to put in the background of my blog pics. It’s so cute, and best of all, it’s battery-operated so I can pop it anywhere 😀 I’m gunna have to get a J as well 🙂

I Just Love It LED H.jpg

Although I love all my presents, Jemma bloody nailed it with this one! Right down at the bottom of the box was this beautiful hamper! It was a gorgeous present on its own and then I opened it up!! SO MANY SWEETS!!!!!!!


I Just Love It Sweet Hamper.jpg

#IJLIGiftofGiving makes present buying easy because there’s something for everyone. They have loads of ideas to choose from like personalised gifts, experience days, children’s gifts, food hampers and so much more.

I just want to say thank you so much to Sophie and Jemma ♥ I really love my gifts and it took the stress out of buying for Jemma.

Are you all organised for Christmas yet or are there some presents you still need to get? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Aw excellent presents from the legend! She definitely did well, I’m going to have to pop over and see what you bought her. You are officially a blogger with your big lit up H! Winner

    Honestly Aine

    1. She did so well!! J and I are ploughing our way through the sweets at the moment!! Nom nom. Yay, I’m glad I’m a realy blogger now 😀

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