February Favourites 2017

Well I kind of forgot to do one for January, oops. I think it’s because I didn’t really have anything new to share with you, but I’m back with a bang with my monthly favourites for February!

Pastel blanket scarf from M&S – Until I received this gorgeous scarf for Christmas from J’s parents, I didn’t really get the whole blanket scarf phenomenon!  It’s so soft and cuddly and I adore the colours, I have a bit of a thing about pastels at the moment, so I was so happy when I unwrapped it and saw these gorgeous shades!! I think all the colours work really well together and I can’t stop wearing it; especially with my pastel pink coat!

Blanket scarf.jpg

Matte Me lipsticks from Sleek –  It took me ages to buy any of these, despite being the biggest Sleek fan! I don’t really have a reason why tbh, I just kept forgetting to look whenever I went into Boots or Superdrug. I absolutely love these and I’m sure I’ll be writing a full post about them soon! These are in the shades Birthday Suit and Shabby Chic, but I’m really coveting their new one; Apricot Blooms! I think that’ll be next on the list and I know that Superdrug are doing buy one get one half price on all Sleek products at the moment! (Info correct at the time of publishing).

Matte Me Lipsticks.jpg

Let’s Spritz from Zoella – Now that spring looks like it’s finally on its way (I didn’t jinx it by saying that, promise), I’m starting to get out all my spring/summer scents again. I really love this fragrance as it smells like Cassis and raspberries and I’m an absolute sucker for a fruity scent!! Also, how cute is this bottle though? It makes me smile whenever I see it because it’s so darned pretty 🙂

Zoella Let's Spritz.jpg

Rainforest of the Sea foundation from Tarte – I wrote about this gorgeous foundation in a recent post, and I’m still absolutely loving it! It sits really well on my skin and the shade is such a fantastic match. I’m so pleased I decided to try this out, I just wish I’d bought the concealer at the same time! Also, it looks hella pretty sitting in my bathroom!

Beauty organiser from Jerrybox (on Amazon) – I love this so hard, Justin bought this for me for Christmas to tidy up my half of the bathroom windowsill! At first I was a little insulted that he was gently suggesting I was messy (even though he’s right) but once I’d set it up, it made the bathroom feel a lot more spacious. All the shelves are movable so you can have bigger spaces for tall cans like dry shampoo or deodorant and smaller spaces for blushes, gel eyeliner pots and other bits. There’s even a handy hole in the top of this section for make-up brushes, eyeliners and my brow pens! Oh and it also rotates so you can easily grab whatever you need!!

Beauty organiser.jpg

What having you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Oh my gosh! Love the beauty organiser! Lovely pics! Scarf looks lovely too! xxx

    Stacey | unicornfairy.net

  2. I’m in love with that blanket scarf, it looks so warm and cosy! I need to get my hands on that Zoella fragrance, my Sweet Inspirations one has finally come to the end.

    Beautiful photos!

    Sharon x


    1. It’s so lovely, I can’t stop wearing it!
      It’s the only Zoella fragrance I like. I wasn’t keen on the others 😢😢 xx

  3. I need to try that Zoella fragrance – it sounds lush! I’d never even heard of blanket scarfs before – I’m definitely going to have to look into them, though. They sound so cosy and comfortable!

  4. That Zoella fragrance sounds delightful and I can see why you love the bottle, it’s lovely! That makeup storage rotating jar sure sounds handy 🙂 x

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