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One of my Christmas presents last year (okay, it really doesn’t seem possible that Christmas was last year already!!) was a very generous Lush voucher from my big brother ♥

Unfortunately I wasn’t in time to use it to grab any of their Christmas or sale bits (which is okay because I picked up a few Christmas bits from Soapbombs instead- there’ll be a post on that to come very soon), but I had great fun spending some of my voucher anyway. I know quite a lot of you love Lush too, so I thought I’d share what I picked up!

Floating Island – With sandalwood, lemon oil and Shea butter, this relaxing bath oil sounds right up my street! There’s even a little vanilla pod in it which is meant to represent a palm tree on a desert island! I can’t wait to try this one out 🙂

Big Blue – Another relaxing bath bomb for me as I use baths to wind down in the evening, rather than uplift for a night out or getting ready to tackle the day. (Who even does that?) Big Blue  contains lavender and lemon oils with the added bonus of sea salt to soften the skin and seaweed to help regulate the metabolism! This will definitely be a Friday night bath bomb!

Butterball – I absolutely love a white bath bomb, I don’t know why but they’re just so pretty and fresh-looking. This one has cocoa butter and ylang ylang, perfect for softening the skin and de-stressing the mind! I reckon this will be used in a Sunday evening bath, if you know what I mean 😉

Rose Jam – Can we take a moment to look at how pretty this is?? It’s also filled with rose and geranium oils to help balance and restore the mind. It’s also packed full of Shea and cocoa butter 🙂 I like the idea that you can break pieces off this so you’re not using it all at once 🙂

Sakura – I absolutely love cherry blossom so this Japanese inspired bath bomb was the perfect choice. Plus look how pretty it looks!! This bubbleroon contains jasmine, orange flower, lemon and mimosa and I bet it’s going to look incredible as it’s fizzing away in my bath! I’ll definitely have to take a photo as I keep forgetting at the moment!! I mean, does your bath even happen if you don’t take a pic or a video?

Honey Bee – This one may not look the prettiest but it does smell lovely and it’s incredibly relaxing. (I might have used this one already) Although don’t expect it to look amazing once it’s been put in the bath, it looked like I’d done a wee in the bath. Not cool!! Anyway, it had honey, Rhassoul mud and aloe vera in it which made for a very soothing bath. I’ve been coughing loads recently and sleeping funny to try and breathe more easily so managed to pull my shoulder. This bath bomb really helped to relax me and my muscles feel a lot less sore now 🙂

What’s your favourite Lush product and did you manage to get any of their Christmas stock? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Ah it’s been so long since I’ve had a Lush trip and you’ve seriously made me crave one now :)!

    I’ve never tried Sakura but it sounds gorgeous! I love the Rose Jam bubbleroon – it reminds me of the rose from Beauty and the Beast and I love how it lasts for 2-3 uses. Ah my favourites have to be Karma (I’m obsessed with anything cinnamon scented!), Intergalatic because the colours are amazing and a guilty pleasure has to be The Experimenter – it isn’t the nicest and it genuinely smells like muddy festivals buuut it’s a smell that’s really nostalgic so I love it!

    Tasmin |

    1. Oooh, you’re right, it really does!!
      I definitely wouldn’t like Karma, I’m not a cinnamon fan. Not in the bath anyway.
      I might have to try one of the really colourful ones, although last time, it stained my bath for days! Xx

  2. All great choices! The smell of the rose bubbleroon is Rose Jam and it’s my all time favourite! I have so many items with that scent that my bathroom smells of it and this makes me SO happy ! Can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Xxx

  3. Great choices! I love the Rose Jam bubble bar! I was really lucky and managed to grab a few bits in the Lush sale, which I was chuffed about. And now I want more stuff from their Valentines range! Haha. x

    1. I’ve not tried it yet so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like!! I picked up one of the Valentine’s ones last week, Lover Lamp I think? x

  4. I have Sakura and Butterball to try! I tried to avoid bath bombs with out SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) as I have reacted to that before and part of me is slightly worried I might react to these too. I was thinking of cutting them in half so my skin would be less exposed to the ingredients so I’ll have to see how that goes.

    1. Oh no, I hope you don’t react to these ones then!! Good luck trying them out … cutting them in half is a good idea because if you are okay with it, you get 4 baths out of two bath bombs 😀 😀 xx

      1. I haven’t reacted to a Lush product before, it was a shower cream from The Body Shop but I stay away from SLS now as a result. I thought of that as well, four baths as opposed to two 😉

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