My Favourite TV Shows

Yup, like the title says, this post is going to be about my favourite TV shows!

I’m going to write it in two parts; my current favourite shows and shows that have ended but that I still love!!

Shows that are currently airing:

Sherlock – I can’t write a list of favourite shows without putting this on here. I’ve loved every single episode, and although I wasn’t particularly keen on the latest series, (which seems to have a lot of people divided) I still watched them all. I love the way the earlier episodes are shot, showing Sherlock’s deductions on screen and most of the time, you’re still left guessing until the very end. I’ve even been lucky enough to meet a few of the cast and get my boxset signed! It’s one of my favourite possessions! I wasn’t looking forward to the last one on Sunday, because I think it probably will be the last one. (Unless they do a one-off Christmas special! Please and thank you Mark Gatiss!)  (And yes, I know that all the other shows are in alphabetical order, but Sherlock comes first!)

Blacklist – I love, love, love James Spader and he’s absolutely excellent in this as the FBI’s most wanted criminal, Raymond (Red) Reddington. After surrendering himself, he makes the FBI an offer they can’t refuse but only if he works with a team which includes a new recruit called Elizabeth Keen. The team is charged with bringing down criminals that are part of Reddington’s “Blacklist”.

Humans – I really liked this show and I can’t wait for the next series to see what’s going to happen. In a world where synthetics (robots) are used for everyday tasks like babysitting, dog-walking and menial jobs, a family’s world is torn upside down when Joe, the father, brings a “synth” home and not all is as it seems.

No Offence – Now in it’s second series, No Offence is by the same guy (Paul Abbott) who wrote Shameless. It follows the story of a team of Manchester detectives and in the first series, they’re hunting a murderer who’s killing girls with Down’s Syndrome. It’s definitely darker than Shameless but shares the same sort of humour, so I think if you liked that, then you’ll love this.

Walking the Americas – This is currently on Channel 4 and it follows Levison Wood walking the entire 1,700 miles from Mexico to Colombia. The series is really captivating and I loved watching his previous shows; Walking the Nile and Walking the Himalayas. He films a large portion of it himself and there are always some hair-raising moments as he treks through dangerous territories, battles the elements and walks into a lot of dangerous situations.

Westworld – When J found out they were making a series based on the old 70s film, he made us watch it. It felt really dated and I thought the ending was a little boring, but I’m really glad the TV series has been much more exciting. It’s based around a theme park called (unsurprisingly) Westworld where customers pay to stay in an authentic-looking Wild West, complete with robots (hosts) to look after everyone’s needs and desires. It’s not long before the company realise there’s something wrong with some of the robots!

Shows that have ended:

Buffy/Angel – I got into Buffy when I was 16 (in the middle of series 2) and Angel a couple of years later when that first aired. I loved that the central character was this ass-kicking 16 year old girl who was just trying to find her place in the world. While fighting demons at the same time! I’m currently binge-watching Angel again and there are so many incredible episodes (in one episode Angel turns into a puppet!) Angel starts from the end of series 3 of Buffy when he leaves for LA. It’s a lot darker and more “grown-up” than Buffy but I love them both equally. I even have a sneaky Buffy tattoo on my back!

Hex – This was on Sky One a few years ago and starred Michael Fassbender as the extremely attractive fallen angel Azazeal, who develops a weird relationship with Cassie, a sixth form student at Medenham Hall school. It turns out Cassie’s a witch and there’s a sinister reason why Azazeal is obsessed with her. If you’re into the supernatural, this one is well worth a go. Series two seems to end rather abruptly because the show got cancelled before they could start filming series three.

One Tree Hill – Years ago I had a few months while I had no work and this was constantly on TV. I ended up buying the boxsets as a lot of the storylines were confusing because I’d come in halfway through. It follows Lucas and Nathan; half-brothers who hate each other and their difficult relationship. All the while based around their shared love of basketball. There are 9 series in total, but I’ve only ever seen up to the end of series 8! I really need to finish the last one!

Psychoville – This is from two of the creators of the League of Gentlemen, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. Psychoville is very dark psychological thriller which follows the lives of several (very odd) people whose lives are all interconnected when a mysterious letter arrives for them saying “I know what you did”. It’s disturbing with very dark humour, but I found it brilliantly funny!

Quantum Leap – This is a show that was around in the late 80s, but J and I have only just started watching it (well we’ve just finished series two!) It’s about a guy who accidentally leaps back in time into another body. He always has to make a change in that person’s life before he can leap again into another body – of course he’s hoping that he’ll leap back into his own body one day! It’s quite dated which makes me laugh and I absolutely love the theme tune to it, it’s bloody amazing!

Queer As Folk – This exploded on to Channel 4 back in 1999 and follows the story of gay best friends, Stuart and Vince, and the change in dynamic to their friendship when 15 year old Nathan comes on the scene. It’s mainly set in and around Canal Street, Manchester, which is a well-known gay-friendly area of town.  There was an American version, which unsurprisingly was a bit shit!

Have you seen any of these shows? Is yours on the list, if not, what is your favourite show? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Blacklist has to be one of my all time favourite tv shows these days – it’s so so good 🙂 I love Westworld, confused the life outa me at times but it’s really gripping! Yay Quantum Leap is in this list – this is one of those shows that my mum introduced to me as it was a favourite of hers when I was little. I love it, I think the premise is so clever and you can learn so many things from it 🙂 xxxx

    Rach |

    1. I can’t wait for the next series of Blacklist!
      Ooooh someone else who’s seen Quantum Leap!! We’re on series 3 at the moment, it’s so bloody good. I also have a weird crush on Al 🙊🙊 xxx

  2. I used to love Queer As Folk, forgot all about it. Was brill! I am trying to get into more boxsets so will bear these in mind

    Stacey xxx

  3. All of the shows that you’ve mentioned and I’ve seen, I’ve loved! We definitely have a similar taste in TV viewing. I’ve just discovered the joys of Netflix so I’m going to be seeing how many of the other I can get on there. Thanks for the recommendations! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I really enjoyed Westworld, can’t wait for season 2!! I need to finish OTH, I think I still have one series I haven’t watched … oops!! xx

  4. YES to Sherlock. Although I don’t know how I feel about this latest series. Also, yes to The Blacklist! I am so in love with James Spader and that voice of his – I got to go to an event Sky Living did last year and actually asked him a question – the reason I’m shocked is the fact I didn’t stumble on my words. Hooo boy.

    I haven’t watched Hex in donkey’s years! I think I only watched some of it though? And oh my god Psychoville cracked me the hell up. The scene where they do Simply the Best – I have never laughed so much at something, as much I did, and do at that.

    1. Ahaha, seems like we have a really similar taste in tv programmes 🙂 Jame’s voice is amazing, all velvety with a hint of rough!! I’m so jealous you got to meet him and ask him a question!!

      I love David, I think he’s my favourite character – I done a bad murder!!!!

  5. One Tree Hill is my favourite show. You need to go and finish it. It’s so good. Also Hex.. yes.. no one ever knows what I’m talking about when I mention Hex I loved that show when it was on TV I rewatched it a year or so ago as well.

  6. One Tree Hill is the reason one of my fav shows now is Chicago PD – love Sofia Bush.
    Also, Big Bang Theory, Madam Secretary, Scandal/The Fixer, and my all time love – Greys Anatomy.

    1. I love Sophia Bush, she’s just so sweet!
      Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy are great although I’ve not seen all the episodes. I’ve never heard of Madam Secretary, Scandal or The Fixer!! I’ll have to look into them! X

      1. Scandal is the U.S name, The Fixer is what they call it in South Africa – same show. Very good. Kerry Washington.

  7. Queer as Folk! I loved that show. I’ve got th DVD box set, alongside my one time favourite TV Show – My So Called Life! Blacklist and No Offence sounds good, will look into them once I’ve finished Gilmore Girls (not proud) x

  8. Have you tried Elementary? It’s got Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Lui as Watson. It’s really clever. If you liked BBC’s Sherlock I think you’d like that too.

  9. OMG Holly!! Stop what you are doing right now and go watch season 9 of One Tree Hill :-O I can’t even believe you’ve not watched it yet haha!!
    Also thank you for reminding me about HEX and alerting me to the fact it was Fassbender!!! Gonna find that on Kodi now.
    Aj xx

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