Soapbombs Christmas Wishes Gift Set

So remember I said in my Lush post that I hadn’t managed to get any of their Christmas bath bombs? And then I said I’d picked some up from Soapbombs and I was going to do a post on them? … Well I forgot, sorry!! So despite it being so close to February, I thought I’d share these absolutely stunning Christmas-themed bath bombs with you anyway!

I bought the Christmas Wishes gift pack which was on sale for £10.49 and there were so many cute bath products inside!

First up was this gorgeous-smelling Rock ‘n’ Roller Soap. It’s kiwi and lime scented and has citrus oils to leave you feeling energised. I love the colours they’ve used, they’re so pretty! I’m looking forward to trying this out at the weekend to wake me up!

The Hollybobs Bath Blaster you might have already seen on my previous post. I absolutely loved using this last time and I’m so glad this was included in the gift box. It left my skin feeling really soft and smooth.

How totally cute is this Glitterballs Bath Creamer? It contains cocoa and shea butters with ylang ylang and patchouli oils. It’s also absolutely teeny but I can’t wait to try this one out because I have a feeling that it’s really going to pack a punch. I hope I’m not disappointed!

With pomegranate and cranberry, sandalwood and Myrrh essential oils, this Jolly Holly Bath Mallow smells absolutely delicious! I bet it’s going to be like the Hollybobs Bath Blaster leave my skin feeling really smooth and soft as well 🙂

Last up is the Gingerbread Trees Bath Blaster. This stunning bomb contains cinnamon and ginger essential oils, to enliven and refresh you. Although I’m not a massive gingerbread fan, it does smell delicious and I’m intrigued to try it. I just hope it doesn’t smell too strong as I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it if it does.

I’m really glad I bought this gift box and I can’t wait to start using all the products 🙂 I thought the postage was quite reasonable at £3.95 because they package everything really well and it’s signed for as well which offers peace of mind!

Which one do you like the look of most? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I love your photos in this post, the bath bombs are so instagramable! I bought a few in the Bomb Cosmetics sale and found that although they look pretty, they don’t have that strong a scent 🙁

  2. Your photos are amazing, love how clear and crisp they are! I wish I could achieve taking photos like this but the weather is horrible and it is so difficult!


    1. Thank you 🙂 To be honest, I use a flash. I know a lot of people frown on it but we don’t really get natural lighting in our house (not good enough for photos anyway!) xx

  3. Nice! I would like them all please, k thanks. Although I may have chuckled at the Glitterballs bath creamer…I definitely need to check these people out!

    Honestly Aine

      1. How could you not notice! I’m disappointed! Also rude, surely there should always been an Áine stash?!

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