March Favourites 2017

This month’s favourites post seems a nice mix of beauty and fashion, which is nice as usually my favourites is quite beauty heavy! So here’s what I loved this month 🙂

7th Heaven cucumber peel-off mask – I absolutely love their single use masks so I figured I’d try out out their tubes, as pound for pound, they work out a little cheaper. I bought it in Asda for £5.98; I’ve used it about 5 times already and there’s still loads left. I prefer the peel-off masks as I find it’s quicker and easier than having to wash stuff off with a flannel and then wash the stuff off the flannel! It’s definitely made my face feel softer, although it hasn’t done much for the random acne breakout, although tbh, I think that’s more hormone-related!!

Technic highlighter – I love this highlighter; I love the colour, the name (pink sparkle) and how sparkly  it looks when it’s on! It looks like it would be really expensive but it’s less than £5 (the price varies slightly depending where you get it from) which is such a bargain for how much you get 🙂

Bright nails – Spring is here, it’s really here, even though it’s been quite grey and miserable, there have been a few days of glorious sunshine. To reflect the bright days, I painted my nails these gorgeous colours. I was totally inspired by Jemma and her beautiful Insta account! I used Pink Sherbet from George (Asda), Buttercup Shine from George (Asda), Roll in the Grass from Rimmel (and Rita Ora), Orange Creation from Bourjois and a mauve colour from Avon (which had no name on it!).

Harry Potter PJ bottoms – I love these so much. I picked them up from Primark for £8 (I think) a few weeks ago and they’re so soft and comfy. I’d always been put off by pj with cuffs on the bottom, but actually I think I now prefer them. I move about in bed quite a lot and these stop the trouser legs from rolling up when I move 🙂 I love the different HP things on them, my favourite is the Marauder’s Map 🙂

Skinny jeans – I can’t believe I own not one but TWO pairs of skinny jeans now! I got a pair of blue and a pair of black from H&M online when they were having a sale so these beauties only cost me £8.09 each!! The only downside is the pockets at the front a fake, but I’ve got used to that now. I have to remember not to put my phone in the back pocket though because a couple of times my phone has fallen out as I’m pulling my trousers down to go to the toilet and it’s nearly ended up in the loo!! This pic was taken from my recent outfit of the day post.)

Converse – I bought these a few years ago as my very first pair of Converse and they kept rubbing my heels so I stopped wearing them. I only recently remembered I had them and I thought I’d give them another go as I love the bright colours 🙂 I re-did the laces and they no longer seem to rub my heels now and I can see me wearing these all over spring and summer. I was constantly wearing my mids, but as they’re furry inside I feel I should be saving them for autumn/winter (and if I keep wearing them now, they’re not going to make it!)

What have you been loving this month? Are you excited it’s spring? Are you excited for Easter? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I’m excited for Easter because of the long weekend – two days off work! Haha. Love your Converses – so funky! And you can’t beat Primark PJ’s – their HP range is ace.

    1. The highlighter is incredible, I love it so much! I’d forgotten I had these Converse but I’m loving wearing them again 🙂 xx

  2. I had no idea that the 7th heaven brand even did a full bottle product since I don’t think you can get the full size in NZ!
    Kathy x

  3. I bet the cucumber face mask wash gorgeous, love stuff like that! The pj’s are cute too 🙂

    Lauren x Huggled

  4. Ooh I am loving HP pyjama bottoms as a major HP fan, I definitely need these in my life! Also yes for bright nails, need to start painting my nails again! 🙂

    Heather Xx

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