Trying Out Blog Event Products | Part Two*

Back in November I wrote my first post about trying out some of the products from all the blogger goody bags I got last year! I figured it was a good way to actually remember to try all the lovely things I’d been given, rather than just keeping them in drawers out of the way!

Well since the first post, I’ve been rooting through my chests of drawers (Yes, chests. Plural. I have two chests of drawers full of products!) to find more products to try out. And I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been using for the last couple of months.

Penguin purse by Yoshi – I got this in my Girl Gang goody bag and now that it’s winter, I wanted to swap over to a darker purse. Please tell me that other people do that, right? It’s also ridiculously cute and seasonal and I can fit all my store cards and stuff in there without any problem. We all got different purses in our goody bags and I happen to think that I got the best one! They do also do a stunning range of biscuit purses, I’m kind of loving the Poptart one, and a range of the cutest little animal coin purses! You can check out their complete range here.

Yoshi purse.jpg

CoCo LoCo Blow and Go Genius Lotion by Lee Stafford – This was one of the gems from the Blogosphere Cover reveal party. It’s a coconut-scented hair lotion (which smells divine!) which is designed to create soft, silky looking hair. I’ve been adding a brazil nut sized amount (although I have no idea why they chose a brazil nut as a unit of measurement??) to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair after it’s been towel-dried.  And afterwards I either blowdry my hair or (more often than not) leave it to dry naturally. It’s been making my hair look a lot shinier and much more manageable, but I only use it a couple of times a week, mostly because it’s just too much effort to do it every day or even every other day. (#lazy)

Coco Loco Lotion.jpg

Glass nail file – I can’t believe I’d never used one of these before. It’s bloody amazing and has been leaving my nails feeling a lot smoother than using a regular nail file. My nails are finally looking really lovely! This came from the Thomas Sabo event back in November and it even has its own velvet case 🙂

Blogger goody bag Thomas Sabo.jpg

Body spray by Body Fantasies – This came from my very first ever blog event (The Brighton Blog Meet) and instead of keeping it out so I could use it, I helpfully tidied it away into a drawer, only to be re-discovered recently when I was looking for Sellotape! I can’t believe I’d completely forgotten about it as the pink grapefruit scent is so sweet and fresh. I’ve started using it all the time, even though it feels more like a summer smell to me.

Body Fantasies Spray.jpg

What’s on your list to try that you’ve been meaning to for ages? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. These all look amazing, especially the Coco Loco! I really want to try out some bumble and bumble hair products next as i usually only use drugstore 🙂 xx

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