Jo Malone English Oak Event | Chichester*

A couple of weekends ago I jumped on a train to Chichester, meeting Millie, Beth and Rosie on the way, where we headed to Jo Malone (based in House of Fraser) for a wonderful afternoon to celebrate the launch of their latest fragrances; English Oak and Redcurrant and English Oak with Hazelnut ♥

I’ve been to Jo Malone before with Alice, but it was lovely to spend a whole afternoon there getting to know more about the fragrances and the company!

The lovely Katie had organised a fantastic event for us and we all got the chance to sample the new English Oak fragrances, choose our favourite combining scents and get an amazing hand and arm massage 😀

The English Oak fragrances are beautifully autumnal and English Oak absolute is an exclusive to Jo Malone for 5 years. They wanted a fragrance that’s quintessentially English and what could be better than the mighty oak?

The English Oak and Redcurrant has a top note of, well, redcurrant, but has damask rose and rhubarb as the mid notes which come through about 15 minutes after you spray! The base note is the roasted oak 🙂

The English Oak and Hazelnut is suitable for allergy sufferers as the hazelnut is the only synthetic fragrance they use! It also contains grapefruit 🙂

I absolutely loved the blueberry and bay combining scent and the English Oak and Hazelnut fragrance was definitely my favourite fragrance of the two, so I picked those for my massage. Firstly, Louise mixed the Blueberry & Bay body and hand wash with a little water and frothed it up for a really soft and relaxing massage!

Once Louise had massaged my arms and hands with the froth, she wiped it all off with a warm towel and then sprayed my arms with English Oak and Hazelnut 🙂 My jacket still smells of it now!!

We also got to sample some absolutely incredible scones with cream and jam from the Wild Mint Café, situated within House of Fraser 🙂 I’d definitely recommend them next time you’re in Chichester!! (Alice, we need to do afternoon tea here please!!)

After scones and more prosecco (or lime infused water if you’re me) we got to decorate our own Jo Malone boxes that contained little samples of Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne, Peony and Blush Suede shower oil and Pomegranate Noir body créme for us to take home.

We all had leaf and fairy stamps and everyone decorated theirs differently. Unfortunately I kinda messed mine up a little as I didn’t realise we needed something underneath for the stamp to print properly. Ooops. The top one is Millie’s and the bottom one is mine!

We then finished off our boxes with *the* Jo Malone ribbon and got an English Oak bag to take them home in 🙂 We also got these cute leaves that we got to spray with our combining scents and favourite English Oak scent!

At the end we got a really lovely group photo of all of us. It was such a fantastic group of local bloggers; some I’d met before and some I hadn’t! They were all really lovely and the nicest group of women ♥

Back L-R: Millie | Becky | Georgia | Katie | India | Me | Eliza | Rosie | Lyndsay

Front L-R: Georgia | Beth | Tania

Have you tried Jo Malone before? What’s your favourite scent? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was invited by Jo Malone London to check out the new English Oak collection but all views, love of autumn and scones, are entirely my own.

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