Banish Your Blackheads

I recently wrote a post about my current skincare regime; which are products I use every day and love. But there are some other products that I’ve also been using regularly that I love just as much and serve as equally important a purpose.

I’m talking about products for banishing blackheads. Big, stupid, ruin your face blackheads.It’s only really been in the last couple of years that I’ve really begun to notice them on my face,especially across my nose and cheeks. But since I started incorporating these blackhead banishing products into my routine, my face is thankfully looking a lot clearer again.

So is it some weird, expensive product made out of something like bat’s milk for £100 a gram? Nope, it’s Avon. Good old reliable *ding dong* Avon! They’re a brand I used to absolutely love about 10 years ago but stopped using when I broke up with a boyfriend whose mum used to get the catalogues!

But after winning this amazing bundle, they’re now firmly back in my heart again!

First up is the 3 in 1 White Clay Cleanser. It can either be used as a daily cleanser or, as I prefer to use it, a face mask which dries in about 5 minutes and can be used two to three times a week. (although I tend to use this every other week in conjunction with the Deep Treatment Mask below.) It feels really tingly when it’s applied but I kinda love the sensation. My skin feels super soft afterwards and my pores definitely look a lot cleaner 🙂

I use this Deep Treatment Mask every other week, applying a thin layer to my face and waiting till it dries before rinsing it off. This is perfect for using two to three times a weeks as well!

This little gem has got to be my favourite product though! Twice a week I put a thick layer of the Liquid Extraction Strip on my nose and wait for it to dry. Once it’s ready, I get really close to a mirror so I can peel it off and stare in delight at all the dirt coming out of my pores! It’s pretty gross but it’s so much fun. You can actually see the dirt being lifted out!! It’s normal to enjoy that, right? I know I’m not the only one, c’mon … Leave me a comment if you love watching extraction vids on YouTube!!

Last up, the Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub is amazing for gently lifting dirt and excess oils. It’s really gentle on my skin and it’s another product that tingles when it’s applied. I use this a couple of times a week along with the other products.

I also got one of those neat little tools for removing black and whiteheads. It’s awesome, although now I’ve been using the products for a few weeks, I don’t really need to use it any more because I don’t have any really big spots to remove 🙁

What are your favourite blackhead banishing products? Have you used any Avon products before, and if so; what are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*Competition prize but views, clearer skin and love of blackhead extraction videos are my own.

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  1. The liquid strip sounds so cool, I don’t watch the videos but I do enjoy a good clean. I’ve not used any pore strips in ages – the whole broken capillaries thing put me off. This seems like it might not be as bad though. Will have to investigate. I’m a fan of acids for giving me that deep clean, although who doesn’t love a good face mask to help the situation out too!

    Honestly Aine

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