Dinkibelle Nail Wrap Review*

If you saw my Twitter feed a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know I was doing a nail wrap give-away courtesy of Dinkibelle and they very kindly sent me a set of the Peacock nail wraps to try out for myself.

I have to admit, I’m absolutely rubbish at painting my nails; mostly because while they’re still wet I suddenly realise there’s something I need to do, like get a drink, have a wee or get something out of my bag! I inevitably smudge one nail, try and repair it and end up with a whole smudgy hand 🙁

So I loved the idea of nail wraps because they seem a lot easier to apply and once they’re on, I can get on with my day without worrying about a smudge or chip disaster!

The pack holds a variety of different sized wrap which will work on any nail size and shape! I guess you could even use on your toes if you wanted to.

All you do is peel off a bit of the backing paper and apply one end of the wrap to your nail (just under your cuticle). Then using a stick or another finger, carefully rub the nail wrap on whilst pulling off more of the backing paper until you reach the end of your nail.

Once it’s applied, carefully use a nail file to file the end of your nail in careful downward strokes, this helps the excess nail wrap come off more easily. I found that the excess was enough to wrap another nail with so I only ended up using 5 wraps to do both hands!

I definitely need more practice though as I found that I pulled some of ends of the wraps off by accident when removing the excess!!

Once I’d finished putting all the wraps on, I applied a thin top coat of nail varnish to help make them last longer! Almost defeats the object, I know, but no one can tell if you screw up clear varnish 😉

I really love the Peacock design as the ombre look is gorgeous and the colours remind me of spring (and peacocks. Obvs).


Once you’re ready to remove the wraps, you can either take them off using nail varnish remover (especially if you’ve put a top coat on) or you can gently peel them off, which to be honest is a lot more fun!!

  • Value for money: The packs cost £6.99 for 20 nails which isn’t bad considering they can last for up to two weeks. They also do mini gift sets where you get a pack of nail wraps, a mini nail file, a cuticle stick and rubber cuticle pusher, which are only £1 more at £7.99!!
  • Will I use them again?: Definitely. These are so great if you want lovely looking nails in a hurry. I’m currently eyeing up their Cherry Blossom and marble sets! <3
  • Verdict: 4/5.

Have you ever used nail wraps before? Do you find them easier to use than nail varnish? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*PR sample but the views and inability to paint my own nails are my own.

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  1. ooooooo pretty! I’ve a couple of nail wrap kits but I never get around to using them. Now my nails are growing back in, I must give them a whirl!

  2. Ooh, I finally did mine last night! Love them! I was a bit confused by the instructions too, even when watching some YouTube videos, but they look great. I wish I’d used one per two nails! I only thought of it afterwards. Thanks for the comp! xx

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