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A couple of weeks ago, I was meant to attend an event to check out all the fab new SS17 products from GOSH Cosmetics, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go 🙁 What I didn’t realise was that they would send me out some of their new products so that I wouldn’t be missing out!! ♥ How lovely is that??

I’ve mentioned my love of GOSH before on the blog, as their 2-in-1 nail hardener recently featured in a post about my favourite products for getting healthy looking nails! But here’s what they sent me and what to expect from them this spring and summer:

First up is this gorgeous eyeshadow quad from their Eye Xpression range in Urban Nature (003). I absolutely love the pigmentation of these shadows and they’re all  beautiful shimmery shades. I’m not sure I can actually pick a fave; maybe the blue or green. But I love the reddish-brown and the white too!! Gah, I can’t pick!! (oh and yes, that IS a Spectrum brush in the background!)

Along with the eyeshadow palette there was also a waterproof eyeliner in the shade Earth (004) which is a gorgeous chocolate brown. I’m really excited to test this out as I’ve never owned a brown liner before and I’ve heard that using one can make your eyes look bigger! There’s also a little sponge on the other end so you can smudge the liner out 😀

In the parcel there were a couple of contour sticks, which are designed for not only contouring but covering and concealing; I’ve never seen a multi-purpose contour stick before!! I got the shades medium and dark. Personally the darker one is way too dark for me to use as a cover and conceal stick, as we all know I’m as pale as hell, but I’ll definitely be giving it a go as a contour stick. I might just have to buff it in reeeeeeally well!! I’m looking forward to giving the medium shade a proper try out to see if it works as a cover stick for my skin!

And finally, I was also sent two lovely liquid lipsticks which I’m so grateful for because liquid lipsticks are my current makeup obsession;  I just can’t get enough of them!! The two shades I was sent were Nougat Fudge and Red Carpet. And although I really love a good pinky red shade, and Red Carpet is absolutely beautiful, I think Nougat Fudge definitely has to be my fave. No, YOU like products that are named after foods!

I’m not even apologising for the state of my swatches!! The camera button is on the right-hand side, so it makes sense to use my right hand to take pics with … Except I’m left-handed, so swatching on my left hand generally results in very messy swatches 😀 😀

I’m looking forward to trying out all the products properly and when I do, I’ll share a little makeup look with you all, probably on Instagram 🙂 I just wanted to say a massive thank you to GOSH for sending me so many lovely bits 🙂

Have you bought anything from GOSH before? What are you currently loving from them? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*These products were kindly sent to me by GOSH but views and love of makeup , especially liquid lipsticks, are all my own.

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