Crownbrush Cosmetics Review*

I’ve known about Crownbrush for a couple of years now, having followed them on Twitter for ages and even been to an event they were also at but, if I’m being completely honest, I thought they only sold make-up brushes and eyeshadow palettes.  Turns out I was wrong; very, very wrong!!

I was invited to try out some of their products so I decided to have a good look around the website for some products that weren’t palettes or brushes because I already have loads of them.

Here’s what I picked up instead:

Make-up brush cleaner (£8.49)

I generally tend to use a bit of shower gel or shampoo to clean my make-up brushes (I know, it’s so bad) so I was thrilled to learn that they do a make-up brush cleaner.  It smells a bit lemony to me so I really liked it already (although it does smell alcoholy too!!)

The instructions are simple, pour a little bit of the cleaner into a bowl (preferrably glass), dip the tip of your brush into the cleaner and wipe it onto a tissue.

Repeat the steps until the brush is clean!!  As you can see, the white brush didn’t clean up as well as the black brush but it definitely got most of the eyeshadow out!!  I think if I was more patient and worked it for longer, I could have cleaned it up more.  Overall I’m really pleased with this product and I’ll certainly be using it in future on my brushes!!

Flawless face blender (£9.99)

I’ll be honest, I impulse bought some of these from China about a year ago and they were pretty awful, so I was very happy to see this on the website!  These ones are latex free, non-allergenic and odour-free.  Although this one is smaller than my old blender, it’s definitely of much better quality.  It’s incredibly soft and doesn’t retain as much water.  It feels a lot more pleasant to dab on my skin and my foundation has definitely been looking better since using it!!

If you’re looking for a new beauty blender, I would definitely recommend checking this one out!!

Pro lip stain in Dusty Rose (£9.99)

It’s a long lasting matte finish lip stain and the colour I picked is pretty similar to Cannes from NYX.

With it’s doe foot applicator, it’s really easy to apply and the colour goes on really well.  It doesn’t dry particularly fast, but as I generally put my lipstick on after I’ve done everything else, it wasn’t really an issue for me.

I was able to drink my coffee at work without any of it coming off on the cup.  I was pleased that the colour didn’t bleed at all 🙂

The colour lasted well into the afternoon and it was really easy to take off!!  I only needed a bit of tissue and it rubbed off without it staining my face.

Concealer Stick in Fair Maiden (£10.99)

I was a little dubious about buying a concealer when I have no real idea what shade I’d be, but I figured why not?  Fair Maiden is light with both pink and yellow undertones so I thought that might work quite well for my skin.

As I thought, the colour was a tiny bit too light for my skin; however, the concealer was really easy to apply, it became quite creamy which made it really easy to blend out!!  As it’s a shade too light, I’ll probably wear this if I’m putting foundation on over the top, rather than using it on its own.

HD foundation primer (£11.99)

As I have pretty oily skin, I’m always on the lookout for any products to help reduce the shine a little bit and this primer has really been doing the trick!  It glides on effortlessly and it’s really long-lasting so it’s going to be my go-to product this summer!!

Have you bought anything from Crownbrush before?  What are your favourite products?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*Crownbrush kindly sent me some products in exchange for a review but views are entirely my own.

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    1. Thank you! I think that this is probably my favourite shade!! It’s actually remarkable comfortable, it’s really manoeuvrable into all the contours of the face because it’s so soft and squishy 😀 xx

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