A Chatty Catch-Up | June

Hard to believe we’re now halfway through the year, isn’t it? This month has gone pretty slowly for me, what about you?  I think my biggest thing of June was my back problem. 

I felt absolutely fine, woke up one Saturday, went to Asda to pick up the shopping, came home, put out the washing and I was still fine!!  I put my shoes on, went to walk to the bus stop to go and meet my parents (who were staying in Brighton for the weekend for my dad’s birthday) and boom … I could barely walk or move!!  It was sciatica and took over a week to heal up and feel better 🙁


Despite having back issues, I managed to go for a meal with my parents.  We went to The House in Brighton, somewhere we’ve been before as we absolutely love it there!!  I had the tiger prawns to start and could have eaten them all day!

For my main I went for the rack of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, carrots, asparagus and a rosemary jus.  It was melt in the mouth and everything was delicious!!  Although it didn’t look much, it really filled me up.  Unfortunately I was in too much pain to eat dessert and had to go home in a taxi!!

I also went to Six in Hove one evening, which I’ve written more about in a blog post.  I had an amazing meal of chicken satay followed by pappardelle bolognese and a chocolate fondant with a pistachio gelato to finish!!


So, for those of you who missed it or don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, when I finally unpacked the rest of my books to go in our bookcase, I realised that I only owned the last three Harry Potter books and really wanted to buy the first four so I could re-read them (it’s been at least 8 years since I last read any of them!).  I immediately went to Waterstones but they only had the adult covers and I wanted the original children’s covers to match my current ones.

I checked on Amazon and brand new ones were about £40 or more, ummmm no thanks.  So I checked eBay and found a “very good” condition set, no bids, ending in 12 minutes for about £12.  I should have known then it was too good to be true.  They arrived but definitely weren’t in “very good” condition, so I’m in the process of sending them back.

While checking eBay again, I found a brand new set, still bloody sealed for £28!!! I noticed there was a bit of damage on one of the spines and managed to get the set for £24 including p&p!!  I’m now happily re-reading them and I’m currently on the Prisoner of Azkaban 🖤🖤

Now I’m reading the books again, I remembered just how much I loved the wizarding world and I somehow accidentally fell into Primark and picked up some amazing Harry Potter bits 😍😍

The shoes are super cute and don’t exactly scream that they’re Harry Potter, apart from the little label on the heel.  I love all the different symbols and designs on them!  I also got some Slytherin pyjamas and a pair of stripey pyjama bottoms 😀😀  I also picked up this non Harry Potter related super cute backpack too. Although I’ve recently bought a new pink backpack, I love that this is black and has little gold bees on it 🐝🐝

Finally I also bought two enamel pins.  I’ve seen them everywhere recently and was kind of keen to buy a couple but something kept putting me off.  However, after watching Brogan’s video on her pin collection, it inspired me to finally start my own.  The pizza slice is from Doodles by Ben and I love the little heart-shaped pepperonis!!  The live colourfully rainbow is from Dorkface and it’s just the loveliest thing!!

Home and garden:

I’m really excited about our progress at the moment.  J recently bought a shed for the garden so we could store all our gardening stuff in it.  It means there’ll be a lot more space upstairs and we finally have somewhere to put our bloody cement mixer (it’s been in the dining room for years!!)

I also evened out the flowerbed at the front of the house and threw hundreds of seeds at it.  We wanted a bit of a wild patch so you can’t see how awful it looks underneath as the landscapers didn’t dig it out and put any topsoil on it as promised 😐😐  The seeds are starting to grow really well so I’m excited to see what happens over the summer 😀

I also bought a lavender for the garden and I managed to kill it in about three weeks 😭😭

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What did you get up to this month? Anything exciting? Let me know in the comments below 😊 x

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  1. I agree with you; the children’s book covers are the best ones. I have an ‘adult’ set of all the HP books at home. And my grandad has all of my children’s HP books. So I’ll get them back someday! Love the Harry Potter Primark buys, too!

    1. I know, I’m just sad ours is pretty small!! Luckily I have a friend in London who sends me bits 😀 THank you xx

  2. Your fondant and gelato dessert looks delicious! It’s so cool to think how many people love Harry Potter and how popular it still is, I will admit I’ve only ever seen 4 of the films and read a couple of the books but it is my goal to change that one day – I’m just not a hardcore fan like some people 😛

    1. It was incredible 🙂 I know, even now people are still getting into it!! Ha, don’t worry, I’m not one of those people that thinks everyone has to read it and love it 😛

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