5 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

Before I met J, I was never really into having the latest gadgets and gizmos; 1. Because I could never afford them and 2. I always saw gadgets as a bit gimmicky, something I’d use once and never use again.

Now I’m all about that gadget life, especially ones that make my life easier!

So here are my top 5 gadgets that I couldn’t live without (I’m just going to throw it out there that I’m not going to bother mentioning my phone.)  I’ve linked to the places we bought everything, except one as we got it from Tesco and they don’t sell them anymore!

1. Eufy Robovac 11 – Where do I even start with this amazing invention?  When I found out that J had bought this, I was so excited to give it a try.  We’ve called him Alfred (after Batman’s butler) and he’s an absolute lifesaver.  Due to J’s fibromyalgia, the majority of the housework is done by me, so to have a vacuum that can whizz around the house picking up dust and cat hair while I do other things is incredible!!

Don’t get me wrong, he does have his downsides; his box is a little small so he needs emptying a lot and he does get himself stuck but, on the upside, he beeps loudly so you can rescue him and his battery life is pretty impressive too!!  I love that he has a remote control so if there’s something specific I need picking up and he’s not getting it, I can direct him to the right place.  He also has a home base he automatically finds when his battery is running out!!  I don’t think I could live without him now ♥

2. IKEA Lightbulbs – Lightbulbs seem a weird gadget to add, right?  Especially as the look like normal bulbs; however, these aren’t ordinary lightbulbs, these are IKEA trådfri bulbs.  The lightbulbs can be turned on and off, dimmed and even have the colour temperature changed all from an app on our phones!!  We also bought one of the motion sensor kits which we put in the hallway so we don’t need to fumble for the light switch in the dark when getting up in the night for a wee!!

We recently bought some new lampshades that we haven’t taken the wrappers off of yet … Does anyone else do that?

We also got some dimmer sets that you can stick on the walls, which means that we can also turn the lights on and off without needing our phones 😀

3. Breville Halo Air Fryer – This is one of my favourite kitchen gadgets (although there is another one on the list).  The air fryer is designed to be a healthier alternative to cooking and frying.  We use ours for cooking roast dinners (max 1.25kg capacity), chips, risotto, burgers, fish, sausages and more!!  For most of the food, there’s no need to add any oil at all, except freshly cut chips which only needs 1/2 tablespoon.  The drum rotates and you can also put it into the tilt position to ensure even cooking throughout.  There’s the option of either heating the drum and the grill or just having the grill bit on.  It also makes fantastic toasted cheese sandwiches 😀

One of the things I love most is that you can put fresh and frozen food in there together and it’s absolutely fine; perfect for roast dinners as we use fresh meat and frozen parsnips!!

4. Google Home – Along with our Google Home, we also have two Google minis; one for the lounge and one for the kitchen.  The more obvious uses for this is to ask questions, find out about your upcoming day and any reminders (when you sync the Home with your phone) but you can also search for recipes online and send them to the Home, so when you’re in the kitchen, you can ask it to read the ingredients, the method or repeat a specific step.  This means no more touching your phone or recipe book with wet or food-covered hands because you can’t remember what to add next 😀

We can also control our IKEA lightbulbs from the Google Home and Minis as well; asking them to turn on and off individual lights or entire rooms (like the bathroom which has three light in it).  I think the best thing I’ve found is that I can set the voice controls from my phone so I can choose what word or sentence to say to turn the lights on or off.  So, to turn all the lights in the house on, I now say “Okay Google … Lumos.” and to turn them off again “Okay Google … Nox.”  This has given me great pleasure since I realised this 😀

5. Andrew James Waffle Maker – I absolutely love waffles and they’re so easy to make!!  This waffle maker does four at once and you can choose how light or dark you want them to look!!  I generally stick a timer on for about 6 minutes and they’re done.  I add ice cream and maple syrup and BOOM waffles!!  J and I absolutely love waffles and they’re probably our favourite dessert!

What are your favourite gadgets?  What would you love to own?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Wow, these are great gadgets! My parents owns a waffle maker and a bread-making machine. My favorite gadgets are my phone, my HP laptop, my compact portable charger, my Wacom Intuos Art tablet, and my Amazon Kindle.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are as bad as me and my husband! Lol. We have Alexa, instead of Google Home, but same thing. We have Phillips Hue lights which are all controlled by phone or Alexa. We have a Nest thermostat, controlled by phone and it learns your habits. We have plug sockets which can be turned on/off with your phone, handy for when they are behind tables and you can’t easily reach to flick the switch. I really want a robotic vacuum cleaner though, that is the dream!

    1. I’m glad we’re not the only ones!! The robovac isn’t working that well anymore so I think we’re going to get a different one instead!!

  3. These are such good home gadgets!! I didn’t know that IKEA did those kinds of lightbulbs, need to check them out next time I go. I really like that lampshade too.

    1. The’re amazing and don’t use any more electricity which is nice! They’re quite pricey but they last for years 🙂 x

  4. Google home reading recipes to you while your hands are covered in stuff is my favourite thing in this list. Fantastic!

    1. You need this in your life, it’s amazing and if the instruction says “now and the cheese and stire” you can say “how much cheese?” and it will tell you!!

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