Sorting Out My Hair

I find this to usually be quite an ordeal. I’m not good at describing what I want and the poor hairdresser is usually unable to guess correctly what I’m trying to ask for. This has led to wanting the iconic “Rachel” haircut in 1998 and getting what I can only describe as long, poofy curtains with the underneath being longer than the top. There is evidence. No, I’m not sharing it. 😀

Since I landed in Brighton four years ago, I’ve taken to experimenting with colour.

It’s been red:

It’s been brown with blue underneath:


More recently it was a brown to pink ombre:

Then I left it alone and it went to this brown/red/ginger/blond/white ombre (photo courtesy of Hayley):


I felt it was time to get professional help. I booked in to have a dye test at Simon Webster Hair in the Laines as I’d heard great things about them.


I told the lovely Hayley who did my test that I wanted something akin to a balayage. She said it was possible but as I had roots, a weird dark ring of colour and then a lot of red, I’d have to go quite dark to start with. It took a couple of weeks to think it over and I decided to be brave and book in to have my hair done.

Poor Hayley got lumbered with turning this mess into something lovely. She cut, toned and coloured for three and a half hours!! During that time, I got to be nosey and people watch as their front-facing windows look right up and down the Laines.


Finally, Hayley told me she was finished.


I absolutely love it! This is the base for the balayage and I’ll be adding more highlights in once the colour settles!

What’s been your favourite/worst hair ever? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Women and hair, I guess everyone has some amazing results (as this one and the pictures you posted) and horror stories. I stay away from hair stylists since I had a few horrors in a row at stores with good reputation – first cutting a difference of 15cm to my hip/waist long hair, then using wrong bleach leading to my hair braking and falling out and some horrible things in between so nope, only DIY, I think 10 years already 🙂 still, the one you went to did a great job!

  2. Loved the photos of your hair over the years – the blue underneath is so cool! Absolutely love your final result, looks gorgeous! 🙂

    Hazel xx

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