Trying Out Blog Event Products | Part One*

Since I started going to blog meets and events at the beginning of this year, I’ve accumulated about 6 drawers full of goodies! I always mean to get around to trying everything, but life and being forgetful lazy gets in the way. So I thought if I made blog posts out of it, I’d probably actually make an effort to try out some of the bits and let you know what they’re like!

Yes To cucumber soothing facial wipes – I got this little packet from the Blogosphere magazine event.  They feel really lovely and soft on my skin.  They’re incredibly cooling but, the downside is, they do dry my skin out a little bit.  I’ve been taking them with me if I’m going somewhere where I might want to take my makeup off before going home, but don’t want to take a shed load of skincare products with me.  There are also only 10 in a pack which seems a little stingy!


Viviscal Densifying Conditioner – This was in my Brighton Blog Meet goody bag and I completely forgot that I had it.  I ran out of my usual conditioner recently, (TRESemmé) and while looking for something else I found this, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Whilst it’s actually amazing at conditioning my hair, it just smells weird.  It smells incredibly manly and I can’t quite work out if it’s in a “sexy man” way or teenage boy “overdose of Lynx” sort of way.  It’s so hard to describe but I’m not convinced I like the smell.  At all!


Rimmel Provocalips in Play With Fire – I got this lil gem at the Blogosphere magazine event.  It wasn’t technically in my goody bag, but it was something that Latest in Beauty were giving away at their stall.  If you’ve not seen this before, one end is the colour and the other is a topcoat to lock in the colour and add shine.  By using the topcoat, it’s supposed to give you 16 hours of wear!  I’ve not had the occasion to wear it that long yet, but I have gone for about 6 hours and it’s held pretty well!  It’s also a pretty sexy colour 😀



Dirty Works Eye Cucumber Pads – These are absolutely perfect when you want to have a pamper session.  Each packet contains two pads and you just pop one pad over each eye for 2-5 minutes, relax and let them do their thing.  I got these from the Girl Gang event and I’d definitely recommend buying a pack for the next time you want to have a chill out 🙂


Have you got any goody bag products you’ve forgotten about and probably should try out? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I haven’t ever received a goody bag yet – probably because I haven’t been to any events yet. Haha. One day! I love those lipsticks with the topcoat – I do find they last really well. This is a fantastic idea for a series too!

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