The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops Review*

Back in March I was invited to The Body Shop in Brighton to help celebrate their 40th birthday! I came away with a lovely goody bag; including their two foundation shade adjusting drops! I’d been dying to test them out ever since I’d seen them but hadn’t quite got around to buying them!

The idea of The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops is great; if your foundation is slightly too dark for your skin, just add a tiny bit of the lightening drops to it and you’ll find your foundation is now half a shade lighter 🙂 The lightening drops contain white and pink pigments which helps to neutralise yellowness. Equally, if your foundation is too light, you can add a tiny bit of the darkening drops, and yup, you’ve guessed it, your foundation will now be darker! The darkening drops contain black and red pigments to stop foundation looking too ashy. This is great if you like to tan during the summer and don’t want to buy loads of different foundation shades! Or if, like me, you panic-bought a foundation and found out it was a bit too light by the time you got home and tried it on properly!

But does it work? I decided to tried them out with my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and my Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation.

First up, the Rimmel foundation (L-R: lightening drops, normal, darkening drops):


I definitely put too much of the darkening drops on the foundation, you really do only need a teeny tiny bit; oops!!

The Estée Lauder foundation (L-R: lightening drops, normal, darkening drops):


I’m really impressed by the drops and I’m looking at the colours wondering if you could use them to create contour and highlights as well … That might be a blog post that will have to happen at some point 😀 (And yes, I know I need to work on my “make a box out of tape on my arm” skills 😛 That was my first time!)

Have you tried The Body Shop shade adjusting drops yet? Are they something you’ve been wondering whether to buy but weren’t sure whether they’d work? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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    1. Ah tell me about it! I managed to buy the wrong bb cream last week, it’s a bit too dark but I can just add solve drops into it and it’ll be perfectly useable! Xx

  1. I actually wanted to buy but wasn’t sure if it would work or how my foundation end up look like. I have a very pale skin so I would need some help of that drops considering that I cannot find a good match. It looks very nice! I will definitely try it out!

    1. I have a foundation that’s a shade too light. The drops are great for darkening it a tiny bit so it looks seamless 😊

  2. Oh wow! These are amazing, i wasnt aware they did these. Super handy for me because i’m so pale and my foundation is always too dark!

    1. They’re so great, I love them because I’m forever picking up the wrong shades and wishing I’d gone a bit lighter or darker 😀 xx

    1. Ahaha, well thank you 🙂 I think these are going to be a popular product for summer 🙂 Although I don’t tan much, my face does get a tiny bit darker! xx

  3. I needed this post! Perfect timing as I have been thinking about trying these. I bought two bottles of foundation, one too light, one too dark, so now have hope I havn’t totally wasted my money 🙂 xx

  4. I don’t actually wear foundation myself but I’ve seen these around and they really intrigued me! I think they’re a fab idea, look like they work really well too 🙂 xx

    Kimberley //

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