40 More Blog Post Ideas

Back in 2017, I posted a list of blog post ideas to help bloggers who might be struggling with inspiration on what to write! I’m back with 40 more blog post ideas to hopefully to help and inspire you if you’re not really feeling it!

Beauty post ideas:

  1. Pick some products while blindfolded and try to create a makeup look with them (don’t stay blindfolded for that bit though, it might get a bit messy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). Lauren Luke used to do this a lot on her YouTube channel and it was really fun to see the results πŸ˜€
  2. Do you get any beauty subscription boxes? Why not tell us what you got and what you loved or hated from them
  3. Tell us about your favourite hair and face masks and where to buy them
  4. If you’re fab at doing your nails, why not create some easy tutorials for people to follow?
  5. How do you store your make-up? Is it really neat and categorised or have you thrown it all in a makeup bag? Share your tips on storage solutions πŸ™‚
  6. Gorgeous (but easy) hairstyles for wedding guests
  7. Tell us about some beauty products you’ve forgotten about and absolutely loved or hated after re-trying them
  8. What are your favourite perfumes and do you wear them for specific occasions?

Blogging/social media post ideas:

  1. Write a post on how things have changed from when you first started blogging
  2. How you edit your Insta pics; share your tips, tricks and the apps you have
  3. How to declare ads, sponsored posts and gifted posts correctly
  4. Do you make money from your blog? Share how to fill in a tax return or some useful tips on how to register as self-employed
  5. Who’s Insta stories do you absolutely love watching? Why not share them πŸ˜€
  6. Been to a blog event recently? Write about it and what you got up to πŸ™‚
  7. Do you make money on Instagram? Write a handy guide on how to start
  8. Write a post about some of the names you *could* have called your blog!

Fashion post ideas:

  1. Fashion trends that really annoy you, like ankle length jeans or sandals with socks
  2. Your top ten fashion picks of the week
  3. Your favourite accessories to finish off an outfit
  4. Clothing shops that you really don’t get the hype about
  5. How to look stylish when having to wear smart clothes for work
  6. Gorgeous wedding guest outfits for under Β£50
  7. Your favourite pieces of jewellery and where to find them (or similar pieces)
  8. Love going to the gym? Tell us about your top 5 places to get workout gear

Food post ideas:

  1. Share your favourite recipes for quick and easy summer lunches
  2. Where are your favourite places to eat when you’re on holiday?
  3. Follow one of those Insta vids where they make delicious looking food and let your readers how easy it is (or isn’t!)
  4. Where are the best places locally to buy vegan/vegetarian ingredients?
  5. Share cheap recipes for people on a budget
  6. 5 foods you absolutely hate and why
  7. Attempt to recreate some fast food at home like a McDonald’s Big Mac or a KFC Zinger Tower!
  8. A bad or weird restaurant experience story; it could be the food, the service or something else entirely

Lifestyle post ideas:

  1. Do you collect something; plants, Harry Potter merch or stuffed animals? Why not share your passion about your collection πŸ™‚
  2. Books that you’re waiting to read (a TBR list) or maybe share some of your favourite authors?
  3. Write a post about things that really annoy you, not only will you find people who agree, it can also be pretty cathartic!!
  4. Been somewhere on holiday? Share your favourite things to do there!
  5. Your favourite things about each season; ie, hot chocolate in winter or crunchy leaves in autumn
  6. List some of the gadgets in your home you couldn’t live without
  7. An unpopular opinion post – things you love that everyone hates or things you hate that everyone loves
  8. Get any subscription boxes? Why not tell us what you got and what you loved or hated from them!

What fab ideas do you have for blog posts that you’d be happy to share? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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