July Favourites

Well we’re thoroughly into August now, but as I’m new to blogging, I thought I’d share the things I bought and loved in July.  Everything I bought is linked (UK sites) so if you see something you like, you know where to buy it 🙂

Rimmel Rita Ora nail varnishes (from Boots):


So first up are these two gorgeous nail varnishes. They’re £2.99 but it’s “buy one get one half price” on all Rimmel products at the moment in Boots 🙂 The names are a bit lame, but they’re supposed to be “Festival colours”. They are really vibrant and the brushes seem different to Rimmels normal brushes, which I find easier to use!  Has anyone else noticed this?

Sleek i-Divine Palettes (from Boots):



Make-up wise, I also bought these two amazing palettes from Sleek. As I’ve been getting in to make-up tutorials and tips recently, I thought I’d treat myself and I’ve not been let down. The colours are vivid and really last well (without using eye primer as I haven’t bought one yet). There are light, medium and dark shades in the palettes. Plus the palettes all come with a little mirror and eyeshadow applicator. I’ve been using the Au Naturel palette more but that’s because I’ve been working a lot and doing full on eyes for work seems a bit too much.

Diamanté wedge sandals (from Marks and Spencer):


I’ve been hunting for some sandals for a good three summers now and have never been able to find what I’m looking for, maybe I’m just super fussy, I don’t know. These ones however, are perfect AND they were in the sale (unfortunately they’re now full price, but I still think they’re great value!). I’m a size 7 with wide feet so I find my toes often get squashed under the strappy bits, or I find sandals too flat or too high. These are just the right height, the sole is cushioned and they actually look pretty!

Kill For Me by Karen Rose (from Waterstones):


I absolutely love a good crime thriller book and for me she nails it. A lot of her books interlink so you’re able to get to know the characters and follow their development, all the while chasing after murderers. These books are not for the faint-hearted as they touch on many topics that people may find disturbing. Maybe I’m weird, but I love a “nasty book” as my mum would say, it’s extreme escapism.

My next post will hopefully be a comparison post where I try and copy a make-up look I’ve found and see how I get on, maybe it’ll inspire you to give it a go as well and I’d love to see your attempts 🙂

What did you love in July? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I like a good crime book too but I think I am a little faint-hearted compared with you. That’s a great title I must admit. I recently read ‘Mr Norrell and Jonathan Strange’ – apparently it was serialised on the TV lately though I didn’t see it. But the book was amazing – totally different to anything I have ever read – and it gave me quite extraordinary dreams! But I am not qualified to comment on make up – all I ever do is paint may face black for Border dancing !!

  2. Those shoes are really pretty, I have a similar problem with sandals but never thought of looking in m&s, will have to try and remember them for next year. The book sounds interesting, my to read list keeps growing but I do love books and detective murder ones are always good.

    1. They’re actually surprisingly comfortable too 🙂 I thought they’d rub, but they didn’t!
      Karen Rose is definitely a good one, I used to read a lot of Karin Slaughter too (I think that’s her actual name!!) x

      1. I hadn’t heard of Karen Rose before. I’ve always though Karin Slaughter is a great name for a crime writer, I haven’t read anything by her yet but she’s on my list of authors.

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