Smashbox | Brighton

Until last year, Smashbox cosmetics hadn’t really been on my radar. After Áine and I went to their event in London, in conjunction with We Are Thirty Plus, I absolutely fell in love with their Be Legendary lipsticks, especially Skinny Jeans, their gorgeous dark blue lipstick ♥

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My Valentine’s Makeup


I know it’s a bit late, but I’ve been good at scheduling recently and I didn’t wanna go messing it all up!

Valentine’s was pretty uneventful in our house; we watched The X-Files, cuddled up on the sofa and scoffed  Quality Streets 🙂

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My Makeup Of The Day


It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d share what makeup I wore on Saturday. If any of you follow me on Twitter and saw my tweet, this is the mirror I was talking about – what a nearly highly embarrassing situation!

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What’s In My Make-Up Bag? | Part One

What's in my make-up bag?

I’ve seen so many of these, mostly because I’m really nosey about what other people own, so I go looking for them.  I hope you’re nosey too?  I’ve broken my make-up bag/box into sections and this part I’ll show you the products I wear on my face.

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Today’s Attempt | A Smoky Eye Look

Winged Eyeliner

So as promised, I’ve just finished my first attempt at recreating a make-up tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I wanted to do this because there are so many tutorials out there and a lot of the vidoes/blog/photos assume that we know all the terms and have all the right brushes and kit etc.  I find that I use a lot of baby wipes/make-up remover when I’m trying a new look as it always goes a bit awry, but no one really shows that part or the hours of practice it takes.  So if you’re not very confident at putting on make-up or it never really looks like it should, don’t worry, you are not alone 🙂 

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