A Chatty Catch-Up | April 2021

And just like that, April ended and May began! April was lovely as J and I had some annual leave which we spent really productively doing projects round the house. I also treated myself to a couple of new things!

Here’s what I got up to in April:


J and I regularly get deals for food takeout delivery services and sometimes we just feel it would be rude not to take them up on the offer 😂😂 Plus it means we get to branch out and try new places. Our latest find was Smoque Burger in Brighton.

We both went for the Southern Classic burger – a hamburger with crispy SmoQued streaky bacon, melted Mozzarella, American cheese, grilled mushrooms, onion rings, mayonnaise and SmoQue’s sticky BBQ sauce. It was hands down one of the best burgers I think I’ve ever eaten. I loved everything about it!! We also had a portion each of hand-cut chips, which were delicious.

What I loved:

I found a pair of holly pyjamas on Boohoo and I had to own them!! They were originally £25 but I got them for less than half price!! The pyjamas are pretty see-through, but it’s not like I’m going to be going out anywhere in them lol

So this is all Alice’s fault. I was watching her Insta stories and she said that the H&M Wildflower collection had dropped. I swiped up to look and fell in love with the skirt but, as it was a limited edition collection, it was already out of stock in every size. Boo.

I hoped people might return the skirt and it would come back in stock, so I kept checking the website. A size M (my recommended size) came back in stock and I got it but I’d heard the skirts were coming up large, so I wasn’t holding out much hope. I then noticed an XS had come back in stock, so into the basket it went. The skirts arrived and the medium was definitely too loose and the XS did fit but it was a snug fit. So I looked to see if an S was in stock and it was!! Three skirts later and I’m keeping the S. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful??

Home and garden:

We’ve been incredibly busy recently when it comes to home and garden stuff. I’ve been up in the loft moving everything round so we can insulate the walls.

This is the state of our current garden project. We’re digging out this massive space so we can create a patio area for our shed. As you can see, we’ve had to dig pretty far down, which was actually started because we had to align our garden with our neighbour’s so the fence looked better on their side! We’ve also dug pretty far back too as the grass used to be up to that little patch of dandelions!!


Unfortunately, this meant finding a place for all the dirt because we didn’t want to hire a skip! Queue us making the flowerbed wider along the back of the garden (which we did last year but hadn’t made it wide enough!) So J had to dig out all the vertical sleepers again because we’d put concrete down the holes to keep them stable. He then had to dig a new hole for the sleeper and move all the horizontal sleepers and screw them in place!

What did you get up to in April? Did you do anything lovely? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. That skirt is beautiful! Sometimes it can be a right pain to find the right size but in this case it sounds like it was worth it 🙂 the holly pyjamas are cute too x

  2. That burger oh my! looks so yummy. Also I love your cute floral skirt. Looks like you had a fabulous April, thank you also for reminding me I also need to do my monthly catch up post which will now be up some point next week haha xx

    1. I love the skirt so much and I can’t stop thinking about the burger lol
      It’s really slow progress but we’re getting there 🙂 x

  3. Good luck and have fun with your garden! I’m also in the middle of a garden project- making more raised beds and a better fencing- so I get the feeling! It’s be worth it once everything is planted. Great post!

  4. That burger looks incredible, I wish I could get my hands on it! The skirt from H&M is so beautiful, you were very lucky to get your hands on! Good luck with the garden project, can’t wait to see how it turns out!x

    1. It was such an amazing burger, I can’t stop thinking about it! I’m so glad I got the skirt, I just have to find somewhere to wear it now 😂 thank you, I can’t wait for it to be over x

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