My Enamel Pin Collection | Part Five

When writing this post, I went through some old posts to see which pins I’d already talked about and found there were loads I hadn’t mentioned. So, this post is going to be a mix of old and new pins!

Animal pins:

When I left my job last year, my lovely friend, Georgie, bought me three gorgeous pins. She got me a gorgeous black cat pin, a little cat dressed as a mermaid and acute cat in a shark outfit pin! I think the cat mermaid is my favourite one!! These all came from local Brighton shops πŸ™‚

Who doesn’t love a pun? This “I’m so orcaward” pin came from Hello Dodo, who are based in Worthing! They also sell clothing, prints and homewares πŸ™‚

Fandom Pins:


This adorable little Mickey ice cream treat pin came from Rio and Blue on Etsy. It’s gold plated with white ice cream πŸ™‚

I bought these gorgeous pink Disneyland ticket and Mickey head Disney castle pins from Only Happy Things on Etsy. The pins are gold plated with the option of pale pink or blue. I managed to get the pinks in the seconds sale so they were pretty cheap and, even though the shop is based in the Netherlands, they arrived really fast!!

I’ve seen loads of shitty quality fakes of this pin, so I was incredibly happy to find a real one on Depop! This polaroid camera pin used to be sold by Grape Soda, but they don’t seem to sell them anymore. You can flick the tab up on the back of the pin to make the polaroid photo of the castle appear!! There are a few different camera versions including a Minnie Mouse and Andy’s room variant!

I absolutely love Kelly Lou‘s pin designs, so when I saw her Roz (from Monster’s Inc) pin, I knew I had to have it!! “Always Watching” is something J and I say to each other, obviously in Roz’s voice!!

Harry Potter:

I made a decision a while ago that I didn’t want to collect Harry Potter pins any more (I’ve even sold some of my old ones), so these are my last ones ever! Space filler pins are the cutest so I knew I wanted to pledge on Sarah‘s Kickstarter for some mini magical pins. I went for Crookshanks, a Slytherin house tie, a Death Eater’s mask, the Maurader’s Map, and Hagrid’s umbrella. They really do make the cutest space fillers on my board πŸ™‚

Food pins:

This was another Kickstarter pin from a company called Crafty Cooke. The pin features 5 British biscuits; the custard cream, the jam sandwich cream, the party ring, the bourbon and the Nice biscuit. I have to say I’m pretty partial to all of these biscuits!!

These sushi pins were another Kickstarter pledge from Kumo Studio. They’re just so cute and I love their little happy faces πŸ™‚ They are ebi tempura, onigiri, salmon nigiri and a bowl of ramen.

Seasonal pins:

The cute candy cane and holly pin came from Punky Pins and the festive little robin came from Doodles By Ben.

This “trick or treat” pin from Dorkface was one of her really early pin designs. It features a little pumpkin, a potion bottle and a book of spells. It’s also super glittery!

Finally, I recently got this gorgeous little Halloween Dachshund pin. He’s wearing a little skeleton outfit and it glows in the dark!! The pin came from Emma Pierce Studio.

Which pin is your favourite? Do you collect pins, who are your favourite pin shops? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. Absolutely love your collections! i have some from Punky Pins too and really love them, but the ramen and sushi one were amazing! Thank you forsharing x

  2. I love the orca one! I used to love these pins as a teenager. I ended up giving all of mine away to a younger girl I knew through family friends. She still loves hers, I had loads!


    1. I was really impressed with Punky Pins, I might have to get more!! I love the Polaroid pin, I really want the Minnie Mouse one too πŸ™‚ x

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