My Top 5 Money Saving Websites

I absolutely love getting a bargain and saving a bit money in the process. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

There are certain sites I use regularly to help me save money on everyday purchases and some that even give me cash back when I buy things.

Here are my top 5 favourite sites πŸ™‚

1. Topcashback

You may well have heard of Topcashback (TCB) before; it’s absolutely amazing. I signed up in January 2014 and have earned well over Β£500Β in that time. I don’t generally spend much in one go so my percentage return is quite small. For anyone who shops a lot or spends a large amount in one go, it will add up really quickly.

You just need to remember to log into TCB before you browse a website, or you won’t be eligible for cashback. To make it easier, you can download TCB extensions for most browsers so it’ll tell you automatically if a site is on TCB. As you can see, if I go to New Look, I get a pop-up notification on the top right saying I could get up to 6% cash back if I go through TCB and all I need to do is click the pink button!

If you want to check which companies are on TCB, type the company (for example ASOS) into the search bar. If it’s on TCB, it’ll show up. As you can see there’s a “get cashback now” button. Just click on it and you’ll get sent straight to the ASOS site and your visit gets recorded. If you buy anything, you’ll get a percentage of your money back!

However, there are stipulations. For example, higher cash back amounts can be for new customers only or you can’t use any discount codes. It’s definitely worth reading the terms and conditions carefully before spending.

You can also use it for renewing insurance, changing energy suppliers and booking holidays. The cashback generally takes longer to get into your account for these though but the rewards are generally higher. I recently got Β£50 cashback for getting my car insurance with Direct Line!

You can withdraw your money at any time. There are different options like a BACS transfer or a wide variety of gift cards. Some of them even give you a higher return than the money you have in your online account!

If you want to sign up, I’d love it if you’d click here,Β asΒ I get a small bonus if you earn Β£5.

2. Hotukdeals

This is another website I use regularly. The users of the site add great deals they’ve found in stores or online. You have to be quick though as once they decide it’s a “hot deal” the items tend to sell out ridiculously quickly! Highlights, hot and new categories are easy to find on the front page.

You can search by product or by shop/website to find some great deals. Best of all, you can set up the app with keywords and it alerts you on your phone when a deal matching your keyword pops up!

My best buys so far have been two pairs of Converse for about Β£25 each πŸ™‚ J’s best buy was our sofa. It was about Β£500 and went straight to the front page as it was Β£80 in the sale! We were really lucky to get one because minutes after the deal was added to Hotukdeals, they were completely sold out!!

3. CheckoutSmart

This is a fantastic app (and website) that can help you save money on your grocery shopping. They have various products available at selected supermarkets that you can get cash back on.

I always check out what’s available at Asda before doing my online shop (or instore shop). As you can see, they currently have a few deals on. For the Flora plant butter, you can get 50p back when you purchase it and, whenever a product says FREE next to it, you get the entire cost back!

All you need to do is buy the product at the right store (sometimes a product will say it’s available from selected stores only, but you can search which ones they are on the app) and upload a photo of your receipt. Once it’s processed, the cash back will appear in your online account. Once your online account reaches Β£19.99 or more, it’s free to withdraw. You can still withdraw your money under that amount, but it’ll incur a 5% fee.

So far, I’ve got a total of over Β£120 cash back!

4. Airtime Rewards

This is an app you can install that does all the work for you! Sign up and link your credit/debit cards to your account and, any time you make a purchase using your card at one of the retailers on the site, you get cash back into your online account. The idea is that the money goes towards paying your phone bill but, as the money goes back onto your nominated card, you don’t technically have to spend it on that.

You don’t even have to click on anything, just shop as normal instore or online and if a qualifying payment is detected, you automatically receive cash back πŸ™‚

There are loads of retailers on the app and it even shows you what’s available nearby! There are places like Argos, Charlotte Tilbury, Primark, WHSmith, Boots and dozens more πŸ™‚

If you want to sign up to Airtime Rewards, my referral code is: JJVDH46RΒ 

5. VoucherCodes

VoucherCodes is a great site to save money on purchases. They find all the best discount codes for you that you can use at 100s of retailers online. You can search for specific retailers like ASOS or Deliveroo or search for something more generic like “flowers”. It’ll then show you all the websites that are offering discount codes for those products at the moment. When you find what you’re looking for, click on the code you want and a box pops up so you can copy the code to your clipboard. You can then continue to that website and paste the code at the checkout.

You can also download browser extensions for VoucherCodes so that it’ll pop up whenever a retailer has discount codes available and you can see what they’re offering.

If you’re a student or work for the NHS you can sign up to VoucherCodes using your university or NHS email address. This can lead to even bigger discounts available πŸ™‚

What other sites do you use regularly? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. I’ve not heard of these before but it’s interesting that this is becoming more prevalent. It’s great if consumers can find ways to save money and be encouraged to do so. Thanks for sharing — I’ll have to look into some of them!

    1. Yeah, there loads more that I didn’t mention, purely because I’ve never used them so can’t vouch for their validity! I hope you make some savings using the ones I love and use πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! I haven’t heard of any of these sites before but they sound amazing. I’m always looking to save money so I’ll check them out.

    1. You don’t get to keep any of the cash back for returned items 😜 they usually delay paying you for a while in case you do return things x

  3. HUKD is my favourite website! I’ve personally even used to to go on recommended Holidays too – I managed to go on a 5 day holiday to Portugal for only Β£60! Such a useful site!

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